Posted by Samantha Hicks on 11 May 2023

As a busy mum of 3 running a business, anything that makes my daily life easier is welcomed – so when I was given the opportunity to try the Wildly Tasty’s Vegan Kids Meals I jumped at the chance!

Louisa is a locally based mum of two who spotted a gap in the market for tasty, convenient and healthy plant-based meals aimed at children. One of her unique selling points is that the meals themselves are packed full of flavour, much the same as adult meals – shaking up the image of bland and tasteless kids ready-meals.

We aren’t a vegan, or even vegetarian family – but part of Wildy Tasty’s ethos is that vegan food isnt just for vegans. They want to encourage from a young age more healthy choices that are also kinder to the environment – each meal contains 4-5 different veggies, is low in salt and nutrionally balanced under the guidance of registered nutritionst Clare Jefferies so they are perfect for stress-free dinners with the added bonus of being mum guilt-free too!

The meals themselves are supplied frozen in convenient kid-sized portions, each dish is suitable for two smaller appetities or one larger (from age 12 months plus) They are designed to be paired with food cupboard staples, rice, pasta, mash, tortillas – whichever your little ones prefer giving you some more freedom with your family dinner time.

Louisa personally delivered our meals one evening, in environmentally and freezer- friendly packaging. My 11 and 6 year old couldn’t wait to get started while the baby just enjoyed being part of the excitement!

We opened the box to find the ‘Kids Meal Taster Bundle’ which is made up of 8 different dishes to suit everyones tastes. We had a Yellow Thai Veggie Curry, Mushroom and Lentil Bolognese, Apricot and Chickpea Tagine, Veggie Lentil Meatballs, Super Tomato Sauce, Coconut and Sweet Potato Dhal, Jackfruit and Bean Chilli and Creamy Roasted Butternut Sauce.

The 11 year old immediately requested the Jackfuit and Bean Chilli, so while some rice was bubbling in a pan I popped the container into the microwave for 3 minutes, gave it a stir, an extra minute and ping! It was ready….. I measured out half of the meal first of all as my daughter – although always willing to try new things – is notoriously fussy. She finished the half-portion then requested the other half which she also demolished so I think we can call that a win-win! The 6 year old and the baby meanwhile were busy trying out the Super Tomato Sauce on some fusili, a clean bowl for the middle one and a not-very-clean face for the baby meant mealtime had been a success. The best part of it for me was that there was also very little clearing up or dishes to be washed which is often the negative of nutritious home cooked meals.

Later in the week it was Parents evening at school which meant juggling dinner time and childcare around appointments, so the two eldest shared the Coconut & Sweet Potato Dhal with some tortillas – bonus is that the tween was able to cook it herself for her and her sister, definite win during a busy family evening! With baths and bedtime to contend with once we got home my husband and I decided to save time by trying some of the meals ourselves, so we popped the Yellow Thai Veggie Curry and Mushroom and Lentil Bolognese into the microwave and shared the two with some rice. Both meals got the thumbs up from us, tasty and healthy it’s hard to believe they had been previously frozen!

We had similar results with the Creamy Roasted Butternut Sauce, although the 6 year old prefered the tomato based sauce she still cleared her bowl, while the eldest tucked into the Veggie Lentil Meatballs with a bit of the leftover Super Tomato Sauce from earlier in the week. Just the Apricot and Chickpea Tagine to go!

The girls were delighted to find the added bonus of the little note which doubled up as a fun activity – tear it up, plant it in a pot with some soil, water it regulalrly and smile as you watch the seeds grow! Fantastic!

You can purchase the meals individually (£3.99 each) or as a Kids Meal Taster bundle (£29.99) – there’s also Family Sized Meals available – you can purchase all of these or find out more at their website

You can also find Wildly Tasty on Instagram and Facebook.


Sam xx

Samantha Hicks
Samantha Hicks is an Epsom based writer and mum of two who has contributed to a number of online publications and also managed several social media pages for local information Facebook pages. She can be found at various soft plays and toddler groups in the area and is constantly on the lookout for new activities to keep her small people entertained!

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