Posted by Samantha Hicks on 26 Mar 2018

Many of us are partial to the odd cup of takeaway brew to give us a boost from time to time. What if we were to tell you that only one in 400 takeaway cups is recycled? This equates to almost half a million disposable cups being thrown away in the UK every single DAY! In recent news the government are also considering proposals to introduce a 25p ‘Latte Levy’ on disposable takeaway cups – much like the successful carrier bag tax.

So what can you do about it? We have learned that many coffee shops are happy to offer a discount on their hot drinks should you bring in a re-usable cup from home. There are some specifications; the cup must fit in their machine (350ml seems about right) have a secure lid and be clean.

The big guys have already jumped on the bandwagon – you can enjoy discounts at Starbucks (25p) Costa Coffee (25p) Pret a Manger (50p) Greggs (20p) and also Cafe Nerro (double stamps) As always, we wondered which local coffee shops offered a discount and here is what we found:


You’re guaranteed a warm welcome by the lovely ladies at All Things Nice in Ewell Village, this cosy and quirky cafe is a thriving independent hub that offers 20p off their hot takeaway drinks if it’s served to you in your personal cup.


Boutique coffee shop Senzo, a few doors down from Epsom station is popular with families due to the mini-soft play at the rear, if you were to pop in on your commute they will knock 25p off their hot drink menu prices.


Set in the grounds of leafy Nonsuch Park the delightful vintage tearoom Nonsuch Pantry sells trinkets and gifts alongside an inspiring selection of cakes and coffees. They will offer you up to 10% off their current coffee prices.


The traditional Ashtead Cafe is rightly proud of it’s gut busting Mega Breakfast, they serve all classes of coffee, from Mocha to Americano, already at reasonable prices but will offer you an additional 20p off.


With picturesque views over looking the village pond, family run The Village Cafe pledges to discount your cup by 20p. Offering plentiful vegan options, their Soy Latte is apparently fabulous. 


Self-proclaimed coffee wonderland Mango Bean offers a massive 50p off it’s cuppas, this ‘next-generation’ of coffee shops promises an exciting and interactive experience, we are certainly intrigued!

Worcester Park

Last but not least, Rumbles coffee shop on Cheam Common Road was recently awarded a five star hygiene rating (for more of these see our five star ratings blog) they encourage patrons to send a postcard from their travels and are sporting an impressive selection already. You’ll be rewarded with 30p off for your own cup.

So if you feel like saving yourself some pennies whilst simultaneously saving the environment then why not treat yourself to a re-usuable cup and head on down to some of these independent coffee shops!

Sam xx

Samantha Hicks
Samantha Hicks is an Epsom based writer and mum of two who has contributed to a number of online publications and also managed several social media pages for local information Facebook pages. She can be found at various soft plays and toddler groups in the area and is constantly on the lookout for new activities to keep her small people entertained!

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