Posted by Samantha Hicks on 17 Jan 2024

Recently I’ve been looking for an afternoon class for my toddler as I work weekday mornings, he loves his food so when we were given the opportunity to review the Grow Cook Enjoy Pre-School cookery class it seemed like serendipity.

It was a chilly afternoon when we made our way to Jayne’s Cookery School in Epsom, she welcomed us at the door with a big smile and instructions to wash our hands before we got stuck into the action! We joined the other children around the table who were ranging in age from around 2 – 4 years, introducing ourselves while Jayne made a welcome cuppa for the grown ups.

Once the little ones were fitted with their aprons Jayne passed out all the equipment needed to start our baking. Inevitably toddlers gonna toddle so the bowls and wooden spoons were flipped over and became impromptu drums for a moment…

Once band practise was over and order was restored Jayne showed the children the ingredients required for our ‘Persian Love Cakes’ the kids were very interested and loved identifying the eggs, flour and the butter, Jayne explained what each ingredients role in the recipe in a fun and flamboyant way which kept the little ones focused on the task at hand.

Jayne passed around the already measured out ingredients to each child and they enjoyed tipping them into the bowl and starting to mix them together, again the emphasis was on fun with Jayne offering her energetic mixing skills if wanted! It’s fair to mention that by now there was a fair bit of spoon licking and surreptitious tasting going on. Once the ingredients were all combined the children spooned the mixture into cupcake cases and they were ready to be baked.

While we waited for the cakes to bake the little ones took part in some guided lemon squeezing, icing sugar tipping and rose petal sprinkling for the topping of our cakes, during which one of the children commented on the aroma coming from the kitchen ‘Yum!’ a little bit of freestyle drawing and colouring in with pencils and paper provided by Jayne and our cakes were ready to be cooled and decorated.

Jayne sent us off with a take-away bag to transport our delicious fresh cakes home, and it was time to head off, in plenty of time to make the 3pm school run for those with older siblings.

It was high-fives all round for the toddler when he shared his cakes with the family that evening, his sisters were particularly impressed with his newfound baking skills!

Classes are run on Thursdays 1.30pm.

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Sam xx

Samantha Hicks
Samantha Hicks is an Epsom based writer and mum of two who has contributed to a number of online publications and also managed several social media pages for local information Facebook pages. She can be found at various soft plays and toddler groups in the area and is constantly on the lookout for new activities to keep her small people entertained!

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