Posted by Francesca De Franco on 22 Jan 2020

I love learning about food and cooking, so when the opportunity to attend Ripe + Nine’s Raw Cake Workshop came up, I jumped at the chance.

Raw Cakes and Ripe + Nine 

Ripe + Nine is a health-conscious cake company specialising in ‘raw cakes.’ These are cakes, which are free from wheat, gluten, egg, dairy, soy and refined sugar; they’re naturally vegan, not cooked and use only natural plant-based ingredients.

The company – started in 2016 – is the brainchild of Danielle whose interest in raw cakes was piqued on a trip to Australia where they were all the rage. As well as making sweet treat selection boxes and cakes to order, Danielle runs workshops to help anyone master the art of raw ‘baking’.

The Workshop

Workshops are held at the Ripe + Nine cake kitchen in Epsom and last for three hours. They are run for a maximum of seven people, which makes them lovely and intimate. 

Danielle began with an introduction to raw cake and gave a run-down of the best equipment and ingredients to use, where to shop for them and how to keep the shopping list short and cost-effective.


We worked on four exclusive recipes (you get to take the recipe cards away with you), which all required different skills. In each case Danielle detailed how they could be adapted and items substituted to suit personal preference.

We learnt a wealth of raw cake secrets, tips and techniques. We found out all about getting the right consistency, sweetness and texture as well as increasing the nutritional value. There were plenty of opportunities for us all to get hands on during the demonstrations.

Throughout the workshop we got to sample lots of Danielle’s specialities including her ‘raw Snickers’, Pecan Salted Caramel Cheesecake and Cherry, Beetroot and Rose Cheesecake – all divine. I’d recommend arriving hungry so you can take full advantage of everything on offer!

We concluded with decorating our creations and Danielle showed us how to slice and box them. We got to take away what we’d made plus plenty of extras!

Who Should Go on Nine + Ripe’s Raw Cake Workshop?

Anyone with an interest in food and cooking, cake lovers, anyone with food intolerances who still wants to have a sweet treat and anyone who just wants to learn more about making ‘free from’ cakes and desserts.

The workshop I attended was a mixed group. There was a lady there who’d had cancer and subsequently become vegan after researching dietary links, someone else who was trying to transition from veggie to vegan but failing when it came to desserts; another lady had a cake business and wanted to include vegan options and someone else there already made raw cakes but wanted to expand her repertoire.

What I thought

Danielle is highly knowledgeable and has an informal yet professional approach. I felt completely at my ease and not afraid to ask questions (as did everyone else).

All four recipes produced delicious results, but the standouts for me were the Chocolate Pecan Crunch as it tasted like a traditional brownie, but was somehow richer and had extra pizzazz (with the addition of a secret ingredient) and the Lemon Baoballs as they were jampacked with flavour and something I’d never have considered making myself (but will now).

It’s a fantastic learning experience for raw cooking novices or those looking to expand their knowledge. You don’t need to be vegan or vegetarian (I’m not) to get a lot from this workshop. You’ll learn lots about different ingredients and find out all about the techniques. Although my newly acquired skills will need some honing, there was nothing that I thought I couldn’t tackle at home now I’m in the know.

I would highly recommend!

If you would like to find out more or book a place on one of the next workshops (Saturday 22nd February and Saturday 4th April), head to or call Danielle on 07841 815047.

In the meantime, you can catch Danielle at the Surrey Vegan Market in Epsom this coming Sunday (January 26th) and view lots more of Ripe + Nine’s delicious goodies on Instagram and Facebook

Fran xx

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