Posted by Annabel Chow on 31 Mar 2023

Most parents of seven year olds will know of the daunting task of organising a children’s birthday party. With a backdrop of guilt from doing nothing for the little darlings over the pandemic, we now grapple with the politics of whether to invite the whole class or a select few.   I will admit now that I was willing to go big, one final time, even if it meant my ears would ring for several days afterwards.   But I was then presented with the opportunity with Epsom and Ewell Families to give my daughter Ada something more intimate and totally different from the norm – a Teepee Squad sleepover party at home and I’ve got to say I’m so grateful, it saved my ears and put an end to the debate of a whole class party, win win!!!

The Teepee Squad really pride themselves on providing a personal service.   Samantha from the team came over for a quick cup of tea to assess the space in advance. In my front living room which is a standard size, we could fit in four teepees (whilst also keeping my sofa in the room).  

Next we looked at the themes. From “in the jungle”, to “under the sea”, “football fans” to “at the cinema” their beautiful, high-end tents, were offered in all manner of themes. Ada selected ‘in the jungle’ which involved pretend camp fires, explorer hats and fluffy leopards and snakes. 

On the big day, Teepee Squad were ‘on it’ – having seen the space they had a clear plan.  All I needed to do was let them in and leave them to it. We took the children out for a few hours so that when we got back we could surprise them. The kids were thrilled; shrill squeals were followed by tough negotiations on who got which tent. There were thoughtful little touches like lanterns containing flickering electric candles, leopard eye masks and pretend plants adorning the little side tables that came with each tent. Although it was only 3pm in the afternoon, the kids insisted on drawing the curtains and plunging the room into the darkness of the jungle, gently lit by fairy lights. 

The children were ecstatic with the whole set up, but let’s be clear… so was I. It was the first birthday party where I wasn’t having to do crowd control; the first one I enjoyed! It all came together with very little input from me; the Teepee Squad are very easy service to deal with from start to finish. I just picked the theme, had a consultation and booked in the date – and on the day my living room was transformed into a magical wonderland. 

I would highly recommend them and will definitely be looking at partying with them in the future.   Prices start from £40 per Teepee, for more information visit the website – and find them both on Instagram and Facebook.

If you too are looking for a more intimate party I would definitely give them a try!


Annabel Chow
I'm Annabel and I work as a Marketing Consultant. I am based in Stoneleigh with my long suffering husband and two cheeky little girls. Being in marketing, I am a keen writer that loves playing with words whether it is for work or play.

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