The Secrets of Supermarket Wines

Posted by Deborah Zbinden on 22 Mar 2018

Is the thought of warmer days after this cold snap making you feel like giving your wine rack a spring clean? If you’re looking for some inspiration for some refreshing white wine or a smooth glass of red then supermarkets can be a great place to stock up.

While the absolute cheapest wines don’t allow much in their price for the wine itself, once you’re prepared to spend around £7 and above for a bottle of wine in one of our local supermarkets there is a world of affordable wine discovery for you to explore.

Aldi Crémant du Jura (France) £7.99

Starting with an amazing bargain, this toasty little sparkler has refreshing citrus and apple flavours but with the yeasty nuances you would expect from a much more expensive bottle. Fabulous fizz for parties, as an aperitif or for fun why not offer your wine buff friend a glass and let them guess the price!

Marks & Spencer Picpoul de Pinet (France) £10.49

You can almost taste the sea breeze in this racy medal-winning white from the South of France’s Languedoc region. Known as the “lipstinger”, Picpoul’s lively acidity makes it a wonderful companion to seafood, or you can simply enjoy the moreish citrus and blossom flavours on its own.

Coop Irresistible Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir (Chile) £7.99

Pinot Noir can be tricky to get right and is rarely seen at under £10. This vegan-friendly Chilean version is slightly perfumed with juicy plum and red cherry flavours. Experiment with giving it 10-20 minutes in the fridge before serving which will ensure the fruitiness isn’t overwhelmed by alcohol.

Waitrose St Hallett Barossa Shiraz (Australia) £11.99

Collaborations between retailers and wine producers can be a really smart buy. Bursting with the juiciest of raspberry and plum flavours plus some peppery spice this is a balanced, silky example of the big, bold Barossa Valley style of Shiraz.

Supermarket wine Do’s and Don’ts.

Do experiment! Especially with the more premium supermarket ranges such as Sainsburys Taste the Difference, Asda “Extra Special” etc. they can be fantastic value.

Don’t rely solely on deals, especially wines which seem to be on the same deep discount each time.

Do browse the main wine aisle, no other single product has this much choice available!

Don’t save the wine for a special occasion that never happens. Unless you’re spending much more on “fine wine”, most supermarket wine is made to be enjoyed when young and fresh.

Do look out for medals, especially IWC, IWSC & Decanter which are rigorously judged “blind” by senior wine professionals but watch out for vague marketing messages on labels shown within gold circles to look like medals, not the same thing at all!

Happy tasting!

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Deborah Zbinden
Deb is a Mum of 2 and based in Epsom, she specialises in helping you learn more about wine, hosting #WedNightWineSchool on the last Wednesday of the month at the Epsom Playhouse (Chocolate & Wine pairing next week!). She also also caters for private wine parties or corporate events.

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