Tiba Al-Khalidy / Business Coaching

I am an Accountant turned to a Business & Growth Mentor, and a serial entrepreneur.  Over almost two decades, I have successfully run businesses in the manufacturing, property development, and accountancy and business consultancy sectors. Along the way, I have recognised my entrepreneurial gift and more importantly my capability and passion to help other business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success with their business ventures.

I have helped small-business owners over the past 20 years to increase sales, profitability, cash flow, business expansion, streamline operations, improve efficiency, implementing systems and building good teams. I have also helped entrepreneurs transform their business ideas into a reality.

What makes me different from other business coaches is my organic experience of running multiple businesses and being and accountant.

I am compassionately willing to help. While I am deeply caring, honest and a frank business and success coach, I don’t hold back when it comes to pointing out where you fall short, to help you correct your course which then ultimately leads to success.

“I help business owner to turn Adversity to Success in their Business & Life”

I am married and a very proud mother of 2 children living in the UK, fleeing the war in Iraq 25 years ago. Yes, I can say that my life was extraordinary and an exceptional journey.

Besides my business experience, I have personally invested a significant amount of time to better equip myself as an accountant and business mentor, earning a BA with Honours in Accountancy & Business Studies, from the Middlesex University in London. A Diploma from The Institute of Legal Finance & Management, and notable graduations from several reputed Leadership & Management Workshops have given me a multi-faceted and multi-layered knowledge base to excel as a business mentor.

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  1. “Tiba is helping me to be more focused on my goals and to have a better marketing strategy.

    The advice that is given is tailor-made to your own company and situation. Tiba is very good at putting herself in her client’s shoes.

    The result is that my profits grow even though I do less.

    I am very happy to have Tiba as my Business Coach.”

    Lamia Ahmad

  2. “Tiba Al-Khalidy gives me guidance, support and knowledge.

    This service gives you one-to-one support that is personalised towards your specific needs. Plus teaching you how to grow your business and make clever, strategic decisions and choices.

    Tiba has taught me how to grow my business and what to concentrate on.

    This is a highly professional and experienced service. I thoroughly recommend it.”

    Aida Bektesh – Epsom

  3. “Tiba Al-Khalidy helped me to make my goals and dreams come true. Since Tiba goes to the roots of issues, I found myself through the months working on areas of my life and things I have never thought I had problems with. For that, I am forever thankful!

    Tiba is so open-minded and experienced with life that she will not only help you grow your business but also help you out on any area of your life you need help with.

    She has great work and business ethics and everything stays confidential. Plus, she takes great care of her clients.

    Tiba is a very competent professional who will spot all the broken patterns that are blocking you from getting where you want in life. Her methodology is excellent.

    As an English-speaking young lady living in France, I am so grateful that I could benefit from the service even living abroad. I have also noticed an amazing progress on other clients who have used her services.”


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