The Modern Fatherhood Club / Community

A unique, immersive space for fathers to connect and build community.

We create community spirit, break the stigma attached to a dad’s mental health, focus on his wellbeing and create the platform to share stories and experiences that help bring fathers together. Fathers need support; a new dad on his journey needs a network dedicated to advancing and celebrating the role of dad.

The Modern Fatherhood Club exists to advance the fatherhood agenda, we exist to tackle the issues facing the modern-day dad and aim to provide the resources, education and support networks that help them tackle the conversations that many men and fathers find difficult to talk about. Focused on dad and his unique circumstances, we provide the space to talk through problems and work through solutions, so that he feels empowered as he adapts to his role. As fathers we must accept that we cannot continue to forge our own path alone. We must feel supported and encouraged or risk feeling isolated, overwhelmed, powerless and distanced from friends, family and even our partners.

Modern fatherhood is about nailing the balance between fatherhood, your partnership, the relationships that are important to you, your identity and your achievement as a man. Dads need to feel heard and have a place to talk freely, where there is no judgment and no threat to their words and feelings being used against them. Too many are pushing on with little regard for their health, mental resilience and in the pursuit of putting family first they’re putting the positive impact they can have on their families at risk.

Designed with dad in mind, created to engage and spark meaningful conversation. The MFHC is here to support every dad deliver on his promise and has community, connection, and conversation at the heart of everything we do.

* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. “The Modern Fatherhood Club is an excellent initiative run by good hearted people. My experience of attending Aidan’s sessions has been personally fulfilling and I highly recommend them to others”

    Sam Sahni, Epsom

  2. “The Modern Fatherhood Club is an excellent place to meet other fathers and share our tragedies and triumphs. I would really recommend the service as it enables dads to share the fatherhood experience person-to-person”

    Dave Chen, Epsom

  3. “The Modern Fatherhood Club provides a non-judgemental space to discuss the experiences of fatherhood with other dads. Aidan is a passionate advocate for the wellbeing of fathers and the need to build a community that supports this. I would recommend The Modern Fatherhood Club as a space to meet other fathers and receive support through sharing experiences.”

    Attendee, Epsom

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