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The Maths Mum® is Karen McGuigan.  I am a friendly, straight forward mum and 18 months ago set out with the goal to bring ‘LOVE to MATHS’. It is a tough challenge in today’s market as maths has got a bit of a bad reputation amongst our generation.

“I just can’t help Thomas with his reading. Can you believe he’s only in Year 2 and it’s too difficult for me?!” – If you heard this at the school gate you would probably be quite shocked. However, substitute the word ‘reading’ with ‘maths’ and this statement becomes much more acceptable. “Maths scares me”, “I was never good at maths”, “I’m not surprised she struggles with maths – she takes after me” – all examples of statements I’ve heard at the school gates. And my personal favourite – “Maths is so different now, why did they make it so complicated?”

Each of these statements will come back to a parent who either isn’t confident in their own maths ability or a parent who is confident with their own ability but hasn’t taken the time to understand maths as it is today.

The Maths Mum® helps parents help their children succeed in maths by providing insight and guidance on how maths is taught today so that they can help their children positively and without confusing them. I cover all of the national curriculum to the end of primary school broken into three specific courses – KS1, Lower KS2 (Year 3 & 4) and Upper KS2 (Year 5 & 6). I follow government guidelines on content and take into account the various schemes of work that different schools follow.

Courses are run locally in Ashtead, Surrey weekdays during school hours and evenings after 7.30pm.
Bespoke courses covering multiple levels, specific topics, on a 1:1 basis or with special needs content can be scheduled on request. The Maths Mum® is also available to do coffee morning talks on maths anxiety, mental maths or specific topic tutorials for schools or home education groups.

Details of all courses, helpful hints & tips and free downloadable resources can be found on the website and social media pages.

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  1. “I did a course with the Maths Mum which helped me understand how my daughter learns maths at school. It gave me the confidence to help her the right way.

    It’s a unique insight to how maths is taught in school today which is very different to my own school days. It’s invaluable to know I can talk the same language as the teachers!

    The course demystifies maths for those who think they can’t do it. And for those who already think they’re good at maths it ensures you can support your child’s learning in the right way, not confusing them with the way we were taught at school.

    It’s a unique service for all parents!”

    Libby, Ashtead

  2. “Karen provides an excellent service. Her sessions are clear, thorough, useful and enjoyable.

    Working with Karen gave me a very clear overview of the Maths curriculum in Primary school, enabling me to better help my child and look beyond towards secondary education.

    She is not only extremely knowledgeable but is good at explaining and listening to her customers. Hence you get a very tailored experience. The materials Karen produces are also excellent and they will inspire you to find creative ways to help your children not only understand, but enjoy maths.

    I would definitely recommend her.”

    Marie-Claire Lakin

  3. “Karen from the Maths Mum shows you that maths can be fun!

    Karen gave me an understanding in the way my children were being taught maths and how / why this was different to the way in which I learned. As well as explaining the standard teaching methods she was also able to give me alternative methods which I could employ with my son who has special needs.

    Karen is a patient and skilled communicator and her knowledge, experience and manner of delivery made spending a few hours learning about maths feel like a pleasure not a chore. She showed how by bringing maths into everyday tasks children don’t even realise they are learning. It made approaching homework a less stressful experience for all.”

    Janice Cawley – Ashtead

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