Stagecoach Epsom / Dance / Drama / Singing Classes


I’m Rachel, I’m the principal for Stagecoach Epsom!

We run drama classes, dance classes, singing classes for children aged 4 – 18 covering Epsom and surrounding areas.

For children aged 6-18 Years:

Your child will participate in the three disciplines of the performing arts in a weekly three hour session. Children are split into three groups of similar ages and study each discipline for one hour in detail. They are taught to express themselves creatively and effectively whilst learning at their own speed.

For children aged 4-6 Years:

Early Stages’ will introduce your child to drama classes, dance classes and singing classes in a 90 minute session, split into 30 minute classes. Classes are restricted to 15 children, allowing us to nurture young talent whilst encouraging and inspiring those who might need additional confidence.

* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. “I have two daughters who both absolutely love Stagecoach Epsom. One has always loved to sing and dance and has really benefitted from the formal tuition, having a singing and drama coach especially. The other had a tendency to be quite nervous and we were looking for ways to boost her confidence. The transformation in her since she started Stagecoach Epsom is incredible. From not wanting to speak in front of people at all, she now loves to perform! The progress she shows in each end of term performance blows me away and her confidence has grown so much. I’m sure this will stay with her for life.

    I would recommend Stagecoach Epsom because of the way that the teachers have nurtured my daughter and grown her confidence. We have tried some of the other classes available and found the quality doesn’t compare. At face value the classes may appear expensive, but as each session includes an hour of singing coaching, one of drama and another of dance, all in small groups, the classes are competitive in value compared to others around”

    – Nicki Hinton-Jones, Epsom

  2. “My children love performing and Stagecoach-Epsom is the perfect and most effective platform for them to progress and succeed. 3 hours a week of quality teaching and brilliant performances makes Stagecoach good value for money. I recommend everything about it, it is well led, with fab teachers and the opportunities that the service can lead to are fantastic.

    Highly recommend if your kids are looking for lots of fun and excitement. My kids love it and it has helped them believe they can be anything they want to be”

    – Rebecca Tufo, Epsom

  3. “Stagecoach Epsom has been brilliant it has developed my daughter’s love for singing, dancing and acting and has increased her self confidence and self belief. The teachers are excellent and she not only gets to do what she loves but she has also learned and improved so much in her time there from the experienced and hard working teachers, 3 hours of training per week means it is great value for money.

    Rachel, the principle obviously loves what she does. She is always available to talk to and is so supportive of all of her students and their families. I highly recommend.”

    – Nicola Laurie, Cheam

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