Spine: Posture and Performance in Epsom / Manual Therapy

Introducing Spine: Posture and Performance in Epsom.

We are a Specialist manual therapy practice, focussing on correcting underlying problems in the body. Our main focus is on correcting structure thus improving your body’s ability to function.

Our approach is thorough and in depth, getting to the root problem of your structure.

We help improve Posture, Performance and Pain with the advanced technology we use in our practice.

We are looking forward to working with our community and helping Epsom and the surrounding areas.

* Recommendations and Reviews

* Referencing carried out independently by Epsom and Ewell Families

  1. “Spine: Epsom provide a professional, supportive and caring service.

    The service from Spine has been to improve posture and adjust for spinal injury correction -the service was clear in explanation throughout the process, and each stage was supported in a personal sense as well as professionally. Understanding the process has been a vital part of the outcome, as well as the necessary physical procedures required for improvement.

    Additional to the physical side, the support regarding mood changes has been exemplary, as has advice beyond the practice room in regards to necessary lifestyle change in order to facilitate on-going improvements.

    One of the great factors in this service is how the people at Spine create a ‘family-style’ environment – how they are interested in you as a person; your life and your day-to-day circumstances. The practice is very warm and welcoming and they make you feel part of the team.”

    Nick Bullock, Epsom

  2. “My visits to Spine: Epsom have improved my posture, my breathing, my sleep quality and my general well being. And they are still continuing to improve, even now, after many visits.

    I feel more flexible and my constant back pain has gone.

    This is not a ‘quick fix’ for a back problem. It is a long term skeletal correction process that corrects the negative effects that every day life can cause to our bodies. In doing so, it allows our bodies to function more efficiently and we feel better for it.

    I would definitely recommend them.”

    Paul van Barthold

  3. “Spine Epsom are an excellent, professional team.

    They have improved my posture as well as the quality of my sleep. I also have increased energy levels.

    They patiently explain everything to you and are extremely knowledgeable.

    I would definitely recommend them.”

    Peju Laryea, Tadworth

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