Savoir Fayre Women’s Nutrition / Women's nutrition/ perimenopause specialist

Are you a working woman over 40, who may be caring for children and/or other family members and struggling to find time to think about what to eat? Are you also fed up of feeling tired, bloated and lost amongst the overwhelming advice available online? I’ve been there.

I’m Sandrine. I am a BANT registered Nutritionist (Dip. Nut. CNM, mBANT and rCNHC) and the founder of Savoir Fayre Women’s Nutrition. I am also a Certified Mind, Body, Eating Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I specialise in hormone and digestive health with a special interest in supporting women who are going through the Perimenopause.

After experiencing my own difficulties with health, it became my mission to help women feel amazing from the inside out by solving hormonal and digestive imbalance. I can save you from hours of researching your symptoms online and spending a lot of money on supplements.

If you wish to find out if Nutritional Therapy is for you, please do get in touch for a free chat. I’m based in Worcester Park and I offer 121 consultations online or in person on request.

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  1. “The nutrition advice I received from Sandrine at Savoir Fayre hugely increased my energy levels and helped to balance my mood swings through simple changes to my diet. In addition to this, Sandrine also showed me how to cut out snacking and caffeine which were unexpected benefits, and provided me with simple recipes and rapid prep lunch time ideas. The 6 week nutritional course was such a pleasure to attend, inspiring and keeping me motivated to continue to improve my diet and consequently my whole well-being. In summary, the easy to implement nutritional advice from Sandrine has been life-changing.”

    Clare Charlton, New Malden

  2. “Sandrine from Savoir Fayre has given me excellent nutritional advice, especially for middle-age women around menopause and digestive issues.
    She was very helpful, non-judgemental and supportive with changing eating habits and gave support outside of appointments.
    Sandrine tailor-made for me and my family a meal plan to suit my work-home balance.
    I would definitely recommend her.”

    Myriam Gelling, Epsom

  3. “Sandrine’s advice and guidance regarding my digestive issues was invaluable and solved some problems which I had been suffering with for years.
    Sandrine has so much empathy and enthusiasm for the service she provides. She also goes the extra mile doing research if she doesn’t have the information to hand. Her vast knowledge about my digestive issues was very helpful.
    I would thoroughly recommend her.”

    Inge Berrie, Sutton

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