SAS Dogwalkers / Dog Walker

SAS stands for Sian and Sarah two friends who have a love for dogs and walking them in absolutely beautiful places,a year and a half ago we decided to set up our own dog walking and pet sitting company.

We offer a morning and an afternoon walk , each walk is for an hour long, we also offer comfort breaks and a pet sitting service, we collect and return your dog safely home , we are fully insured.

One of the things we love doing is sending customers photos and videos of there pooch having fun on our walks, they are guaranteed to make so many friends in the SAS gang also they will have so much fun that when they come home they will probably sleep all afternoon, ready for when you return home from work.

If you would like any information on our walks or pet sitting service please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you

Sarah and Sian

* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. “S.A.S. Dog Walkers have more than met my requirements! They are excellent value for money, they walk my dog for a full hour – they pick him up & return him home, so he is actually out for longer than an hour. They care about my dog as much as I do – they treat him as if he is their own!

    This is a reliable, flexible, trustworthy service and my dog loves them. They also don’t have a large number of dogs at any one time. They send me photos and videos of my dog on his walk and he always is having fun with them.”

    – Deborah Bucci

  2. “S.A.S. Dog Walkers have been very adaptable to my needs when requesting a walk for my dog. I can request anything from a walk one day a week or 5 if required with little notice. I used to work in term time and therefore had periods of up to 6 weeks where I did not require my dog walker and I still had the reassurance that I would be able to resume their service when it was needed by myself. They are also very affordable with my budget. I love receiving small videos of my pooch when I am at work or which pop up on Facebook. This also gives the added reassurance that the dogs are in a great environment whilst in their care.

    The services is good value for money because the hourly rate was exceptionally competitive against others that I had used. Also my dog loves the company of other dogs and therefore it suits her being with a pack. The service is reliable, affordable, flexible, and an honest service.”

    – Louise Jarvis, Worcester Park

  3. “S.A.S. Dog Walkers have met my requirements 100%. There are personal touches, it feel like my dog gets 121 attention and care within a pack. Sarah has become a friend not my dog walker she is reliable, professional, trustworthy and I highly recommended.

    I believe Sarah is value for money and I believe she goes above and beyond which shows personal love for the animals and job rather than a business transaction. I recommend EVERYTHING about this service!!! Sarah has worked out my dogs needs to adapt the walks to benefit my dog. Sarah’s professionalism shines through, SAS Dog walking is FANTASTIC!!!”

    – David Marciano, Chessington

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