RoboFun / Children's robotic engineering courses

I’m a former teacher and software programmer and I’ve brought my passion and skills together to offer something new, educational, exciting, and fun to the children in our local area.

RoboFun – Enhancing STEAM provision through Robotic Engineering clubs and courses for children aged 4+.

Pupils enjoy early exposure to coding and programming, but even more importantly, the course develops problem-solving skills, teamwork, and confidence. We achieve this through teaching these important skills for the future in a way that combines a sense of pride and satisfaction, with having lots of fun.

Based on Lego, Micro:bit for the younger children and Arduino Beginner, HaloCode and Minecraft for the older ones, children move through various challenges until before they know it, they are having lots of rewarding ‘lightbulb’ moments.

They also have the opportunity to take part in exciting robotics competitions.

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  1. “My 11 year old daughter greatly enjoyed her time with RoboFun where she had fun and learned new skills.

    Robofun promised a fun and beneficial educational experience, teaching early robotic engineering skills. It delivered exactly that. My daughter gained new skills and lots of lightbulb moments and achievements and greatly enjoyed the sessions.

    Robotics engineering is going to be an important skill for future generations and this is an opportunity to learn about it in a fun way while children are young. Mona is a skilled teacher and robotics engineer so she is patient, engaging and knows how to get the best out of children, guiding them to find solutions and be creative.

    RoboFun is perfect for young children and upwards to teenagers with an interest in coding, robotics and problem solving.”

    Elizabeth Hibbert, Epsom

  2. “RoboFun has given my son the opportunity to learn how to code and understand how coding works.

    The club has been fantastic as I’ve not found another club like it locally. The session is for one hour and is good value for money

    So many after school clubs are fitness or sport related but my son wants to understand computers and how they work so it’s lovely to have an after school club that helps him develop these skills.

    The tutor is very knowledgeable and helps the children to understand and uses everyday examples to help them understand what they are learning and then put into practice. She is great at keeping their attention and they really listen

    I would definitely recommend it.”

    Katy Thompson

  3. “RoboFun provided excellent courses in Arduino and Minecraft for my son.

    The cost of the courses was very good value and the coach was extremely flexible in her approach as she tailored the teaching to my son.

    The coach was very friendly and always listened very carefully to whatever my son or I asked.

    I would definitely recommend them.”

    Reham Elkadash, Epsom

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