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  1. “Really friendly place, with great stone baked pizzas. And they are really good at catering for my young daughter with Coeliac Disease- it’s her favourite place to go in Epsom for lunch. They took the time to find out her needs and explained their processes that will safeguard her and were open to advice from us (although we didn’t need to provide anything as they had it sorted!). Highly recommend.”

    Anna Curtis, Epsom

  2. “Pizzerium serve delicious pizza in a great atmosphere.

    The service was very attentive and the price is consistent with major pizza chains. Pizzerium also offer a little more out of the ordinary in terms of toppings.

    They continued to offer delivery throughout lockdown and the service was speedy and the quality of pizza was the same as that from the restaurant.

    In all we had an enjoyable evening out with great pizza and good wine in a convivial atmosphere.”

    Kay Britton – Epsom

  3. “So yes, I’m going to admit it, I’m a pizza snob. Being half Italian, having lived in Italy and a former pizza chef trained by my Neapolitan Uncle, who showed me his secret to making that authentic taste.

    I was very curious to see what Pizzarium had to offer Epsom and what it was truly like.

    The restaurant was formerly The Canopy (as I’m sure you’re all familiar with it) and now they have refurbished inside with trendy interior, a feature brick wall along with wooden furniture, it felt like being in a restaurant in Clapham. But also, child friendly as they had highchairs and a kids menu.

    I ordered a Margherita pizza, I always do this when first trying out a pizzeria, because you can taste the true flavours of the main ingredients, rather than get lost with a combination of other toppings.

    As we waited in anticipation, enjoying the cosy and relaxed atmosphere, the food had already arrived!

    So here I go, are you ready for the flavour description…The crust of the pizza was perfectly formed, very slightly crispy. So when I launched myself in and took my first bite, I was impressed! Why was I impressed you maybe thinking? Well, I could taste the toppings were of a good quality, the tomato base married perfectly with fior di latte mozzarella, a more creamier taste. As I was savouring each bite I could tell the dough was fresh as I didn’t have a pop belly when leaving the restaurant. I’ll be returning there soon.”

    Lila Heart

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