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Hi, my name is Nadine André and I am a professional pianist and fully certified classical Pilates instructor.

I offer foundation mat Pilates classes in Cheam and private one to one Pilates sessions at my home studio in east Ewell.

I’ve been teaching the piano professionally for years, but this directory listing is in my capacity as a classical Romana’s Pilates instructor.





Mat classes are on Thursday evenings at 6.45pm in Miles Hall, St Andrew’s Church, Cheam.

Contact me to book into a class and please note that I accept a maximum of 10 people per class. This is so that I can pay attention to everyone, and give individual attention and corrections where needed. Classes focus on working with a sound technique, building a powerhouse (your core), and flow.

To benefit from mat classes, you need a healthy body and must be able to get down and up from the floor unassisted.



Private 55 minute sessions are bookable by contacting me directly. My studio houses apparatus by Gratz, including a reformer, cadillac, Wunda chair, spine corrector and foot corrector. I am a fully-comprehensively certified instructor, teaching all levels on all apparatus and mat. You receive my full attention for the duration of the session and I tailor the lesson to your specific body and needs.

The method I teach is called Romana’s Pilates. It’s a classical method, meaning the training I’ve had is as close to Joseph Pilates’ original teaching as you can get, involving over 1200 hours of apprenticeship at Kinetic Pilates in London, and examination with some of the world’s most renowned teachers. I use the same exercises that Pilates did, on the apparatus that he designed, and focus as much on the spine as I do on the abdominal core work.

When done correctly, Pilates will leave you feeling much better after every session. You’ll feel taller, lighter, and internally stronger.



Pilates is for everyone, and if you come to me for a private session, you can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, and be someone who has never done any exercise, or a professional athlete.

My mat classes are for people who are new to Pilates and have enough mobility to move independently. If you’ve never tried Pilates or have had a few sessions on and off over the years and want to restart, or you want to strengthen your basic principles and address your technique, then this is the class for you.

My private sessions are more suitable for specific needs and specialist attention. If you have an injury or physical limitation, then one-to-one tuition is necessary for proper rehabilitation.

If you have had recent surgery or are in acute pain, please check with your doctor first and find out how long your recovery period is before you can continue exercising.



Pilates is about movement with concentration. Its purpose is to realign the body and address imbalances in our muscles and joints so that we move better and without pain.

Our bodies are clever and develop subtle ways of coping with issues that are potentially created from the day we are born. They do this without us noticing, until one day perhaps, we feel pain, extreme tightness, or a limitation in our movement. Pilates works to centre the body, align it by squaring our pelvis and ribcage, and give stretch and strength where needed so that we become aware of all the muscles we are using in our day to day lives.

Joseph Pilates called his method Contrology: the art of developing strength and flexibility with control.



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Please call me or email to find out about my prices.

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  1. “Piano and Pilates Studio offer a really thorough, thoughtful class delivered by a brilliant and inspiring teacher with expert knowledge in her field. I always feel much better in mind and body after one of these sessions.

    I have wanted to try Pilates for some time and what I loved about this class was it allowed a complete beginner like me, to go at my own pace. Over the sessions I gained great knowledge of the process of Pilates as Nadine doesn’t just explain the exercises, gentle correcting where necessary, but explains why you are doing them.

    The class was very competitively priced bearing in mind the small number of attendees and the attention given to individuals. She pays great attention to both assessing and creating workouts suitable to individual’s needs.

    I would definitely recommend her.”

    Gill Jarman, Epsom

  2. “I took online and face to face pilates exercise classes with Nadine. She has a wonderful, gentle and encouraging attitude and her classes are lots of fun. They are great workouts too.

    Nadine is understanding of an individual’s exercise needs and capabilities and gives attention and great feedback.

    Nadine is a lovely teacher of Pilates with patience and understanding of pupils’ capabilities. She gives gentle encouragement, and her classes are very enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

    Melanie Ktorides, Ewell

  3. “Nadine from Piano & Pilates has taught me more about the principles of Romanas pilates and strengthening the deep core.

    Nadine is passionate about what she does and explains everything in a supportive and encouraging way.

    Her classes are excellent and great value for money.

    I would definitely recommend them.”

    Anthea McCourtie, Epsom

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