Nam Yang Martial Arts / Martial Arts Classes

Nam Yang provides a fun, safe learning environment for all our members to improve their health physically and mentally through martial arts.

Our aim is to provide an inclusive space where anyone can feel confident and comfortable. At Nam Yang people from different backgrounds come together under a common interest, the diversity of our students is something we are very proud off. Martial arts truly is for everyone, regardless of race, age or gender.

We are passionate and care about the development of our students both in and outside of training.

We run classes for:

Adults Tai chi

Infant kick boxing

Junior kick boxing

Teens kick boxing

Adults kick boxing

Ladies kick boxing (13+)

Infants Kung Fu

Junior Kung Fu

Adults Kung Fu

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  1. “My 4 children have been active members of Nam Yang Martial Arts for 10 years and during that time they have developed strength physically and mentally.

    The membership is a monthly fee, which meant my children could attend any class throughout the week.

    Kung Fu and Kickboxing require discipline which in my opinion is good for children and young adults. Students also get a lot of confidence and strength from what they learn in the lessons, which they can transfer into many other areas of their lives. My oldest child is 14 (girl) and the girls only class /self defence is worth its weight in gold. Not only does my child feel empowered if she were ever confronted or attacked, but it is a great fitness class and fantastic for her mental health too.

    Steve Keen is a fantastic role model for children, teens and adults alike. He is a great teacher and has a wealth of knowledge in Kung Fu and Kickboxing. Because of Steve, my eldest Son Brody won a British title as a kickboxer 4 years ago.

    We love the club, it’s a way of life for us.”

    Jo Burr, Epsom

  2. “ I was looking to find a fun fitness class and to learn a martial art as a life skill – both of which Nam Yang is perfect for. I have also become part of a great team and have made friends for life.

    Nam Yang has such a welcoming atmosphere, there is huge focus on respecting others in the class and Steve is a great coach and looks out for everybody’s wellbeing. Everybody in the Nam Yang team encourages each other and makes sure any newcomers are looked after and comfortable. The lessons are always changing, some are focused on technique, some on fitness and we have weekly sparring for adults which is a safe place to learn full contact K1.

    With a membership you can use any of the classes offered, so other martial arts classes like Tai Chi and Kung Fu are available as well as K1 Kickboxing. This means classes nearly every day of the week. There are also family memberships available and pay as you go options.

    Nam Yang has improved my fitness, wellbeing and overall confidence via Martial Arts.”

    Liz Waterer, Ashtead

  3. “My children (girls, aged 8 and 11) have attended classes at Nam Yang Martial Arts for 7 years and 4 years respectively. The training has been brilliant for developing their discipline, their core strength and confidence. They look forward to the sessions as they get to see their Kung Fu friends and run around and play games and practice their mindfulness.

    The price for training is very fair. One fee and you can attend as many classes a week as you would like. My children attend 1 hour a week, I am very happy with the price.

    The instructors are amazing. Steve and Em are fantastic role models. They are both kind, supportive and patient. They instil confidence in the students and always seek to improve their technique, their mindset and their enjoyment of the training sessions.

    Initially, I was concerned the environment would be aggressive but I was very wrong. Any aggression not aimed at punchbags is not accepted. All kicking and punching is strictly supervised to ensure safety while encouraging technique and a positive attitude. My girls (8 and 11) love Nam Yang. They get to blow off steam at the end of the school week, learn some skills, play games, meet friends and grow as people. I’m very grateful to Steve and Em for their time and dedication. You won’t find anywhere better.”

    Victoria, Epsom

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