Mind-Growth Mastery / Personal Development

We are a local community interest company, working to provide affordable and low-cost therapy from our rooms in Ewell and Epsom.

MGM has a range of therapists, professionals and affordable services to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for EMDR, CBT, Counselling, Training or Nutrition-advice, we have you covered with our professional team.

Specialisms include neurodiversity, self-esteem, trauma, shame, and OCD, to name a few.

Therapy really can change lives. It helps in understanding your feelings, processing difficult experiences, and looking at ways to help you get more out of life. Some people come to therapy with a definite goal, others come as they are feeling down, stuck, or anxious, not sure where to turn. Having someone by your side to listen, in a safe and non-judgemental space, working through difficulties together, is so empowering.

Many of our therapists are accredited with several years’ experience. They are able to work online or in person, delivering CBT or counselling to adults and children.

But we appreciate times are particularly difficult, especially at the moment. And so we have developed a more affordable service. Ranging from £30-45 a session, these therapists are qualified in CBT and integrative-relational counselling, working towards accreditation.

On top of that, we have our reduced cost service, run by our fabulous therapists-in-training. They are experienced students, with accredited supervisors, who are completing their degrees/diplomas. Sessions are £5-10, depending on means. Counselling is only available face to face for this service.

We also have links with local Charity, Work Stress Solutions, and can offer up to 12 free sessions through them.

With so much choice, it can feel a bit daunting, so please do get in touch to discuss how we can best support you.

* Recommendations and Reviews

* Referencing carried out independently by Epsom and Ewell Families

  1. “My therapist has been a constant in my life when so many other things have been changing. The service has helped me to understand and explore my current feelings as well as my childhood trauma and supported me to develop strategies to manage my feelings and anxieties.

    It is good value for money, I started when I was a student so money was tight, the service caters for everyone and offers opportunities for people of all backgrounds to access the service. Especially when there are limited NHS resources that don’t offer ongoing support

    My therapist is always accommodating and I never feel like there is something I have to hide from her. Our therapeutic relationship is honest, open and fair. “

    A Client, Epsom

  2. “Mind-Growth Matters has provided me with a safe place where I feel heard, understood and supported. It has been the one thing keeping me going through what has been an incredibly difficult year.

    The service itself is better than anywhere else I’ve tried both privately and on the nhs. The care, knowledge and compassion makes this service well worth it and to top it off it is extremely affordable

    The therapist is chosen based on you. I have several chronic conditions and find it hard to have a therapist with experience of that both professionally and personally. The fact that it’s online makes it so easy and accessible and as it’s face to face you don’t lose anything by it being online. The care and compassion from the therapist has been second to none. I have already recommended to my sister who is now also using the service and we have also by word of mouth praised the service and the therapists.”

    A. Client, Surbiton

  3. “I was having issues with my mental health and needed support with this. The counselling I received from MGM was really helpful and we were able to work towards the goals I needed to feel happier and more able to cope with the stresses of life.

    I was able to set out what I required and we worked towards that without any judgement on the part of the counsellor. I was also able to fit it into the times and schedule that worked best for me

    My experience was positive, supportive and tailored to my needs.

    This is a service that many people would feel stigmatised for accessing, but it has been so beneficial, I really hope more people access the help MGM can offer.”

    A Client, Sutton

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