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Millie Whizz is an award-winning tutoring service that goes beyond exam success. With nearly 3 decades’ teaching experience, in both the state and independent sectors, bringing out the best in pupils so that they gain confidence in their learning and reach their potential.

The Millie Whizz service includes 11+ preparation (starting from Year 4); 13+ and a number of subjects (English, History, French and RS) to GCSE and A level taught in small groups Millie Whizz is an award-winning tutoring that goes beyond exam success.

We run regular weekly tutorials; Creative Writing Workshops and Summer Intensive Course for 11+ preparation.

We teach in a professional and nurturing environment that encourages a life-long love of learning.

Exceptional testimonials from current and former pupils and parents.

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* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. “Millie Whizz Tutoring has fully met my requirements. Millie is very approachable and has a calm approach to her teaching. If my child needs extra help in a particular area, Millie will tailor her teaching to fill in the blanks in my child’s learning. My child’s confidence in her academic ability has grown and a lot of that is down to Millie’s tutoring.”

    – Wendy, Epsom

  2. “Millie Whizz provides excellent tutoring to our two children. The sessions are fun, motivating and developmental. Both children always look forward to the sessions and make demonstrable academic progress.

    The sheer effectiveness of Millie’s tutoring makes this service great value for money. Excellent academic outcomes matched with amazing pastoral care. I would recommend this service because of Millie’s care and support go way above what one could expect in any regular tutoring arrangement.

    Millie has provided better support and encouragement than many a friend could. She has elevated both children’s academic prospects.”

    – Mr Price, Banstead

  3. “Millie Whizz is a great education service, great knowledge sources and inspiring lessons. I would recommend the service because of the higher grades achieved and massive educational confidence, I’m a proud parent of a happy and confident child.

    I highly recommend taking additional lessons with Millie because of the results achieved.”

    – Svetlana Borisova, Ewell West

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