Milestone Fitness / Personal Training by Jennifer Marshall

Hello! I’m Jen, a Personal Trainer with a passion for helping others feel stronger, fitter and more confident for the physical challenges of daily life. Also a specialist in Older Adults and Prenatal/ Postnatal fitness.

My services include:

1. Personal training. As a 121, Duo or Group. In person or online.

Personalised sessions involve exercises to improve your functional strength – movements which mimic our everyday lives. These include low impact resistance exercises e.g. using bodyweight, resistance bands or light weights as well as balance and coordination, mobility, flexibility and breathing techniques.

If you’re pregnant or postnatal I can help build your strength in preparation for birth, motherhood and beyond.

If you’re an older adult I can help you feel stronger and maintain functional independence.

2. Group Fitness Classes (Prenatal & Postnatal). In Person.

All classes incorporate low to moderate intensity exercises using bodyweight, resistance bands and light weights and are suitable for all fitness levels so even if you are not currently active, you can start gradually.

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  1. “I completed a course of 4 postnatal classes with Jen from Milestone Fitness.

    She is a great listener, very easy to talk to and most importantly, knows her stuff.

    I would highly recommend to any pre or postnatal mum as a way of doing something good for yourself in, what can be, a pretty tough time.”

    Laura Ness, Ewell

  2. “Jen from Milestone Fitness is a true professional yet relatable and puts you at ease with her friendly personality.

    She spends time planning and preparing ahead of each session and considers the strength and abilities of individual needs. During the sessions she always takes the time to explain and guide throughout.

    Through working with her I have seen continuous growth both in knowledge and technique.

    I would definitely recommend her.”

    Ria Rajendra

  3. “Milestone Fitness helped me with functional strength training after giving birth to my second child. I was looking to get stronger both physically and mentally to help get through the hardships of having two children, and Milestone Fitness ticked both boxes.

    I used Milestone Fitness for one to one personal coaching. Having the luxury to schedule lessons when it suits me, both health-wise and according to my baby’s whims, makes this service good value.

    Jennifer from Milestone Fitness actively seeks feedback to incorporate into the programmes, making her flexibility and methodical approach her greatest assets.

    I’ve surpassed myself in what I am capable of and now love exercise!

    I would thoroughly recommend her.”

    Nafisa, Epsom

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