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Hi, I’m Miriam, a body positive yoga teacher teaching pregnancy and post-natal yoga in Epsom and Ewell. My ethos is that yoga is for every body, so if you’ve ever felt like it isn’t for you, I’m here to help.

I teach friendly, fun and inclusive classes, focused on helping you achieve your goals, find connection with your body, and on giving you a safe, developmental practice you can take home with you.

My pregnancy classes are held at Ruxley Church every Thursday evening. They’re co-taught with Yoga for everyone, making it accessible to all, and include extended guided relaxation for ‘you’ time. My post-natal classes are every Thursday morning at All Saint’s Church – you’re welcome to bring your baby (or not!) and we have tea, snacks and time to hang out and chat after class.

* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. ‘Yoga has been a lifeline for me. A great place to go with a new baby where you’re always welcome and go away calmer than you arrived. This is the only yoga I have stayed at. I started when I was pregnant and continued throughout my babies first year. The teacher is kind, friendly and inclusive. It’s a great class for mind and body.’

    – Melissa, Epsom

  2. ‘Miriam is so lovely and the first truly inclusive yoga teacher I have met. She treats everyone as an individual and is passionate about the benefits of yoga being available to everyone and in it bringing peace to your body, especially during pregnancy. It has been such a great experience for me and completely changed my mindset that yoga is only for super bendy people! Miriam has worked with me to be better attuned to my body during practice and also helped me overcome my fear of transitioning from standing to the floor which has had a huge impact of the quality of life I have with my children. I wholeheartedly recommend her ‘

    – Collette, Surbiton

  3. ‘I really wanted to practice yoga to help with mindfulness and stiffness pre and post birth. I’ve achieved this with LIT Yoga but also made great friendships and had great support as a first time mum. It’s such a great thing to do to get you out of the house in the early days postnatally – but more importantly it’s about finding a little time for yourself even whilst having your baby near. It’s brilliant to be able to take the babies along and part of the fun is just to see them play and interact.’

    – Lizzi, Ewell

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