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Hi, I’m Tom, a fully qualified and insured Sports & Pregnancy Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, working near to Epsom Downs.

For me the treatment extends far beyond just the session you book. I want to bring more than just a massage experience to my clients. I want to back this physical healing up with mental healing, knowledge and relaxation techniques which they could take away with them for life.

As such I take a keen interest in your overall health and wellbeing, as well as how you progress and recover after the massage session, I provide follow up advice and videos for any techniques I have suggested you try at home, and have an active YouTube, Facebook and Blog where I share lots of information.

I have a great track record of helping clients recover from injury or turn their sedentary life around with regular sessions.

I offer three core services; however, I will always tailor the service to best suit you and your needs; there is no need to decide prior to your treatment what type you require.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage has many benefits to different systems in the body like muscular, skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic.

  • Releases tension, stiffness, restrictions
  • Helps break adhesions and scar tissue
  • Restores range of movement which helps to reduce stress on joints and bone
  • Increases blood flow
  • Helps digestion and increases fluid movement

Sports massage has great performance outcomes as well:

  • More energy, flexibility and range of movement
  • Pain reduction
  • Faster recovery
  • Injury prevention

Pregnancy Massage:

During pregnancy your body will change especially in the later stages. Those changes generally bring aches, pains and discomfort. Back pain, leg swelling and cramps, migraines and headaches, sciatica; they are all conditions that massage will help relieve the symptoms of.

Giving birth is a strenuous process for your body. Postnatal massage helps with relaxation, releasing tension in the muscles, increases blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, lowers stress, speeds up recovery from caesarean birth. Post-natal recovery involves more than massage. My intention is to support and nurture the mums, re-educate and refer if necessary.

Each session lasts for a minimum of one hour.


Reflexology is a drug-free, holistic and non-surgical approach to healing and wellness. Put simply, reflexology is a deep, healing foot treatment that’s really so much more than just a massage.

Reflexology is not a quick fix. The reason for this is that problems may have been occurring in the body for many years and therefore, it can take time to achieve homeostasis. Therefore, it is advisable to be treated over several weeks – as such I offer discounts on bulk purchasing 4 hours or 8 hours.

It has many benefits which include:

  • helping relaxation
  • encouraging the body to heal
  • releasing tension and encouraging stress relief
  • improving the immune system
  • helping with seasonal allergies
  • encouraging better circulation
  • improving bowel movement
  • helping the body eliminate waste, by clearing it of toxins
  • improving nerve stimulation
  • relieving pain
  • improving sleep
  • support during menopause
  • enhancing mood
  • balancing hormones
  • increasing the feeling of wellbeing

If you are interested in finding out how I can help you give me a call or message!

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* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. “Tom at Healed by Touch is simply fantastic at what he does.

    He has healing hands and an extensive knowledge of the body. I felt safe and relaxed in Tom’s care which can be pretty hard to find. He is both professional and personal. You will leave feeling lighter in body, mind and soul!

    The value for money is spot on and competitive compared to others in the area.

    Overall it has been an amazing and positive experience. I would completely recommend him to anyone.”

    Bethany, Ashtead

  2. “The service offered by Healed by Touch is great value for money and was tailored to my exact needs.

    Returning to rugby after multiple long layoffs due to COVID left me with back spasms during the training sessions. I explained my problem to Tom, and not only was he able to isolate the cause of the root injury, he worked on the key areas during a deep sports tissue massage and gave me stretches to help alleviate the problem.

    Unlike most massages, Tom figures out what your body needs and where the focus should be for the hour long session meaning your problem areas are taken care of. His follow up and aftercare are second to none and include specific areas to help you body recover from exercise. Plus the massages are amazing and leave me feeling very relaxed.

    I would definitely recommend him.”

    Dan Simmonds, New Malden

  3. “We booked for a pregnancy massage for my wife. Tom was so meticulous in asking what her needs were and spent the time to help with whatever we asked. He focused on whatever my wife needed and gave her stretches to do outside of the massage time so she could maximise the benefits gained from the session.

    The personal touch that Tom provided has been unparalleled. And we’ve tried a lot of massage services over the years.

    Tom’s prices are great and his aftercare is even better.

    He really is fantastic and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

    Amit & Priyum Seyan, Epsom

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