Grow Cook Enjoy / Cooking School

Grow Cook Enjoy teaches children, teenagers and adults to grow and cook fantastic food. Our sessions, teach about where food comes from and how it is produce. We learn essential  cooking and life skills and  about healthy eating.

Jayne McGhee is a qualified professional chef and naturally talented gardener, beekeeper and allotment junky! Having worked for years honing her craft in all kinds of kitchens, including working under Marco Pierre White and later moving into Food Services Manager roles, Jaynetransferred her cooking knowledge and natural leadership skills to working with children.

Grow Cook Enjoy has grown, introducing classes for teenagers and students, preparing them with essential life skills. We also run adult workshops teaching new skills and inspiring new recipes.

Jayne also uses her wealth of culinary knowledge to design eating plans for specific diets and teach recipes to people who need to learn to cook in a new way.
Online Corporate classes for team building, to bring everyone together in with relaxed social fun classes.

‘Let’s make producers not consumers!’

In producing, making or growing something, we are encouraging creativity something that consuming does not.

Join one of or classes or workshops to learn a new skill or improve your life style and become a producer!

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  1. “Grow Cook Enjoy run fantastic after school cooking clubs in a number of schools, and my 9 year old son attends the one at his school. They are fun, hands-on lessons which cover everything from hot cross buns, to fish and chips, to making your own fresh pasta.

    The cost of the lessons includes all the ingredients, there’s no need to provide anything, and your child comes home with something delicious to eat at the end of the day. Grow Cook Enjoy’s owner Jayne is the unique selling point – she has worked as a professional chef and it’s great that the children get to draw on her passion for cooking and wealth of experience.

    I love the ethos of Grow Cook Enjoy – it promotes a sustainable, healthy approach to food and cooking, helping children to develop skills and confidence in the kitchen. Jayne puts a lot of thought into the recipes for each term of cooking, grouping them by themes that the children can relate to and making the learning experience fun.

    Grow Cook Enjoy also run brilliant sessions for adults ( I’ve done chocolates and bread baking so far), as well as cooking parties for children.”

    – Ruth Morgan, Epsom

  2. “My daughter has attended these lessons and it has been fantastic.

    The quality of the lessons delivered, ingredients utilised and skills acquired by attendees provide excellent value for money.

    Jayne’s attention to detail, excellent planning and delivery of the lessons are difficult to fault. She is exceptionally passionate about the ingredients, empowering children in the lessons with life skills and having fun whilst doing it.

    I thoroughly recommend them.”

    – Nancy Thorpe

  3. “My daughters absolutely love Jayne’s course, which is run as an after-school club. They’ve learnt a lot about the different ingredients they use (which are all provided) and have acquired many cooking skills. It’s all very hands on.

    They really get the benefit of Jayne’s expertise. Plus they receive a recipe card and bring home a big portion of whatever it is they are making that week (which they also enjoy eating). The classes also alternate between sweet and savoury and incorporate dishes from different countries so they get to make a wide variety of things.

    This course – pitched at children – is brilliant as it really gets them interested in cooking and teaches them an extensive range of techniques.”

    – Francesca De Franco

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