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I believe a good evening starts with freshly cooked fine Indian cuisine so allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sudesh, a Mum, wife, chef and all round lover of good food.

<‘Good Evening’ originates from my childhood dream of recreating delicious, authentic Indian food. My Mummy was a fabulous cook who believed that food wasn’t just fuel but was almost a way of life. Growing up in Yorkshire in a large Indian family with 8 siblings, meal times were very special; a way of bringing everyone together. We all love a good curry but at ‘Good Evening’ I teach you how to cook with incredible aromatic spices to enhance flavours. Spicy food is exactly that. Not something to blow your head off but as a way of making normal dishes excite the palate and leave it dancing. I offer cooking classes for you to learn skills that you can recreate in your home and impress your guests. These are bespoke and personal cooking experiences for you to get hands on with all the elements of creating something special. In addition to this, I also love cooking for others. My supper clubs at home in Epsom allows you to sit back and let me look after you. Relax with a glass of wine in your hand enjoying the company of others while I use healthy, locally sourced produce and fresh ingredients to add a contemporary twist to a wonderful 4 course meal. I’m so looking forward to meeting you! Sudesh 🙂

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  1. The supper club that Good Evening provided was a very enjoyable evening out, with good company and amazing food.

    The event was very well arranged; the guests got on really well and the attention to detail was excellent.

    I have also attended the cookery classes which were informative with easy to follow recipes and well-structured lessons.

    David Arnold – Epsom

  2. “The supper club is an original service that was fantastic to experience so I have booked a second.
    The cooking class was also clear, professional and Sudesh is very knowledgeable about the style of cooking.

    This really is something you need to experience. The supper clubs are a fantastic night out better than going to restaurants and the food is a fusion like no other. The workshops are a wonderful education and I have recreated these amazing dishes at parties and for my family.”

    Trisha Mayes

  3. “I have attended two supper clubs and a cookery course with Good Evening. I found the quality of food, attention to detail and hosting and teaching skills to be outstanding.

    The supper clubs offer a unique opportunity for intimate dining in a lovely setting – Sudesh is a talented chef and a wonderful host. It’s a great way to connect with new people who live locally – or you can book all of the places for a celebration meal or a special friends’ night out.

    The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the table and food are beautifully presented. The food itself is simply sublime.

    The cookery courses are also great for anyone wanting to learn how to cook authentic Indian food with a modern twist while still being great fun – it’s great for individuals or something a little bit different for groups of friends to do together – or even parents with teenage children.

    The supper clubs are a unique and delicious dining experience. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

    Gill Hayes – Epsom

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