Go Win at Life / Organisation and Decluttering

Organising and decluttering to get your home back under control.
Whether it’s a one-off reset, or a whole house overhaul, Joanna has got
you covered.

Get help with:
* Wardrobe overhaul
* Organising kids toys and spaces
* Kitchen reset
* Garage/loft tidy
* Craft rooms
* Home move – packing/unpacking
* Senior support
* ADHD/neurodivergence support

It’s time to stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Call Joanna today to turn your organising problems into tidy solutions.

Contact details: 07535 668343 joanna@gowinatlife.com

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  1. “I needed help to unpack and set up a home in rental accommodation upon returning from overseas with my family. I had taken a career break whilst overseas, planning to go back to work once I had got ‘control’ of the organisation side family life. It didn’t happen.

    I read many decluttering, life-management books, launched many attempts to organise our space, only to find another area’s organisation had broken down. With our return I was facing being back to square one.

    Joanna worked with me regularly over 15 months and I can honestly say we achieved more organisation and functioning systems for managing the home in that time, than I did I n the previous 5 years.

    Her strengths were in understanding the patterns of behaviour that were leading to disorganisation, how to adapt the system to the behaviour. Also, her perception of space and creative use of it.

    She was kind, gentle and humorous with her decluttering coaching style.

    We were almost set up in our new home when we heard we had to move again. A third house move in 6 years, did not daunt me because I knew I had Joanna’s support. We budgeted her input into the move, knowing that it would coincide with my imminent return to work and it was well worth it. My house was unpacked and basically functioning in just two weeks and I could finally start the next chapter in my life.”

    – Charlotte

  2. “As someone with ADHD, not only is clutter a huge problem for me, but even getting started on clearing and organising is overwhelming and very difficult. Jo makes it easy to begin the process, and assists with all aspects of organising and decluttering until your space is as you wish it to be. She makes sure that any solution works for you and your lifestyle.

    Jo also understands that (particularly for a lot of neurodivergent people) clutter, and needing help to deal with it can be a huge source of shame. She never judges or even bats an eye, regardless of whether you’re a hoarder or you just need a bit of a hand to organise yourself.

    I recommend this service because it’s so helpful, and beneficial to my mental health and wellbeing. It’s also great value for money because of the amount of work and energy Jo puts in. I couldn’t accomplish anywhere near the same result without her.”

    – Caroline Joseph, Leatherhead

  3. “Joanna is a brilliant de-clutterer and organiser but more especially is a wonderfully empathetic and caring person. She has a really positive attitude, patient, non judgmental and full of ideas. She always goes the extra mile to help. She listens carefully, plans meticulously, but can also adapt plans if the project requires it.

    I recommend this service because Joanna goes above and beyond every time. She is super creative and likes to also recycle and find sustainable solutions to her decluttering. She is also a dab hand at painting and will roll up her sleeves to get anything that needs sorting – sorted.

    Joanna has helped our family immeasurably.”

    – DS, Epsom

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