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F45 Training combines high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training and functional training into 45 minutes workouts, that are suitable for any fitness level. The combination of interval, cardio and strength training has been proven to be the most effective way of burning fat and building lean muscle. The team based training is fun, workouts are never repeated and you get a personal training experience in each class.  Our way of training is designed to unify the muscle groups of the body and make you look, move and perform better in all aspects of your life.

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  1. “F45 provide a brilliant combination of studio HIIT classes with a huge range of cardio and strength exercises, all with individual PT support.

    Every class is different, set to great music and no need to get out and put away equipment. Plus the people are lovely and it’s always actually FUN!

    I’ve always had expensive gym memberships and invested in personal trainers and not always seen any difference to my fitness levels. F45 combines both in a way that makes it extremely good value. I’m definitely fitter and I consider it an investment not a cost.

    You can do a trial before you buy and you don’t have to pay for a monthly membership if you don’t want to, you can buy a block of classes which is what my husband does. It’s really flexible.

    I’d absolutely recommend them.”

    Nicky Regazzoni – Ashtead

  2. “F45 training has been continually motivating; in a very convenient location and is available early in the morning to allow for work commitments.

    All of the above has meant that I have continued to use F45 around 5 times per week, and it’s worked for me to achieve great results.

    It’s also a very social place, with people of all different ages, shapes and sizes. It’s not intimidating but very friendly.

    There are also global and local competitions (if you want to take part) that encourage you and spur you on to achieve your goals.”

    Stuart Bamford – Ashtead

  3. “F45 has made keeping fit easier to slot into my schedule and more fun.

    The trainers are fun and motivating and the classes are always varied.

    While it is not the cheapest of the gym options it’s much easier to stick to than with other gyms and it works.

    F45 has given me a fun fitness programme that fits into my life.”

    Saskia Jordan – Ashtead

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