EmpowerEd Education / Tutor Service

We offer tailored tuition programmes for children aged between 3-18. All of our sessions are face-to-face learning with a tutor present and we ensure that they’re all interactive to promote our students love of learning.

  • We’re competitively priced at £9-16 per hour for group sessions
  • For secondary school students, our award-winning GCSE programmes allow students to reach their academic potential in maths, English, and science. Our students to date improve by at least 3 grade levels following 3 months + of support.
  • For primary school students, we aim to instil a love for learning within them by providing interactive sessions personalised to their individual learning style and interests whilst simultaneously following the national curriculum.
  • We’re also OFSTED registered and offer free trials/assessments.

Find us at:

EmpowerEd Education
Spread Eagle Walk

For more information about our services please get in touch.

* Recommendations and Reviews

* Referencing carried out independently by Epsom and Ewell Families

  1. “EmpowerEd Education have been remarkable in tutoring and mentoring my son who has special needs in coping, social needs and educational targets.

    It’s a great service because of the attention to detail, accommodating requests and always trying to find a strategy to resolve a problem that my son has. I recommend Empowered Education because they try different methods and strategies to help my son overcome his difficulties be it social or academics. One to one mentoring is the key aspect of their service.”

    – Awad Hamza

  2. “EmpowerEd Education have provided great tuition for my son, they run a great service tailored to your childs needs. I highly recommend the service because of the professionalism, and the care they input into the students.”

    – Maria

  3. “The service from EmpowerEd Education is fantastic, they were able to fulfill the needs of my child.

    I highly recommend the service as they tailor their service based on the child as oppose to just treating them the same. They had a tailored approach to my child specific requirements, the tutors were able to get my child’s grades up which was a bonus. This is a great all round service, I’ve no complaints.”

    – Ricardo Pastra, Banstead

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