Carshalton Families Nearly New Sale / Pre-loved children's items

I’m a local mum who is offering local families an amazing opportunity to purchase pre-loved maternity, baby toddler, and children’s items.

I wish to welcome you to Carshalton Families Nearly New sale.
I have started to branch out,
You can find us in:
and Epsom

The cost of raising a child (excluding housing, childcare, and council tax) from birth to 18 is now: £71,611 for a couple family. £97,862 for a single parent/guardian

Thinking about how much wear your children get out of their clothing, especially the first year you know 99% of the items are left pristine. Still unsure, Please take a moment to look at our gallery.

We offer toys and games. Our children want the latest toy or that book that they have read at nursery/school. You buy it, they play with it, read it maybe once or twice then it’s left in the playbox/bookshelf. Why pay top prices when you can save yourself hundreds of ££’s.

When I run my events I make sure that all stallholders don’t overload their stalls, they don’t have any items that are not sellable, and last but least will welcome you with open arms.

We don’t overpack our halls, we allow room for two buggies to go down the aisles, and last but least our door entry is donated back to the community.

We have requested our families to pre-book, this allows us to keep the numbers down in the hall so you can browse freely.

I would be so appreciative if you could share Carshalton Families with all your friends and family and any advertising pages your on.

We are now closed for the upcoming summer. But I am so excited to see familiar and new faces when we return in September.

Have a look at our new website in the meantime. If you wish to follow us please find our Facebook page.

Thank you all so much for the support ♥️

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  1. “The Carshalton Families Nearly New Sales have given me the opportunity to buy and sell high quality preloved children’s items, massively reducing the cost of clothing and occupying two children.

    The stall holder rates are highly competitive and the items are well priced when attending as a buyer.

    It is easy to book onto using the Ticket Source website with a good range of venues and dates.

    Jemma (the owner) also donates the entrance fee to charity thereby supporting local communities with each sale.”

    Anna MacLean

  2. “Carshalton Families Nearly New Sale is very organised and offers quality items at affordable prices.

    The venue is always tidy and clean and the ease of shopping makes it a great place to find what you’re looking for.

    The quality of everything on sale is of a very high standard especially the selection of baby clothes.

    It is very easy to navigate and everyone is very friendly and approachable.”

    Sarah Parker

  3. “Carshalton Families Nearly New Sale provides quality second hand clothes, toys and equipment – most things which have barely been used (so look brand new) at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

    The event organiser – Jemma is really lovely and accommodating. She also goes out of her way to source items for people searching in-between sales too. So might contact regular sellers to put them in touch with those looking for specific items. I have been a purchaser and seller at these events and have never experienced anything negative. Since social distancing has been a factor on our daily lives, Jemma has also ensured a maximum number of people in the room at one time, tables are distanced and a one-way system in place.

    I also love how a good proportion of the money raised goes to support local charities. This is a non-profit organisation that helps local community parents.

    I would definitely recommend it.”

    Karen Catterall, Carshalton

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