Bridgewood Wellness / Certified EFT Practitioner and Goulding SleepTalk Consultant

Are you or your child struggling with anxiety or another emotional challenge?

I’m Vicky, a Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner, Goulding SleepTalk Consultant and Meditation Teacher. I’m also a mum to two girls, aged 7 and 9.

I want to give you the tools you need to release the stress and anxiety from your life. And allow you and your family to experience more freedom and joy on a day-to-day basis.

I used to be a lawyer in London and struggled with anxiety for a large part of my adult life. As a result, I know just how exhausting living with that constant feeling of dread really is.

I discovered EFT (also know as Tapping) in 2011, following the death of my lovely mum. It has been an invaluable tool for me in working through both my grief and anxiety. Not to mention the wide range of emotional curveballs that motherhood can throw at you!

I have seen and experienced incredible results with my tapping clients for countless issues, including anxiety, stress, overwhelm, grief, improving confidence, overcoming self-sabotage and increasing energy/motivation.

And it’s not just us adults that might be finding things tough. Our kids are struggling too, with rates of anxiety on the rise, in particular as a result of the pandemic.

Having seen first hand just how effective a technique called SleepTalk really is after experiencing amazing results with my own girls, I knew that it was something that I wanted to share with other parents looking for a way to help their children manage that anxiety.

Meditation perfectly complements these methods, by nurturing your mind and helping to improve both mental and physical wellbeing.

I offer a range of packages combining these tools to help support you and your family. These include:

1-1 sessions (online or in person) for adults, teens and children

Small group sessions (e.g. NCT, friends etc)

Group workshops

EFT Tapping and Meditation Classes

Corporate workshops to nurture staff wellbeing

Online guides

I’m excited to share these powerful techniques with you to help lighten the heavy emotional load we all carry and improve your overall wellbeing.

* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. ‘I went to Vicky suffering with overwhelming anxiety. Learning how to do EFT with her has given me the tools I need to help manage and reduce the symptoms greatly. I found EFT highly effective for me which has been priceless. Vicky is completely engaged and follows up with you after every session. My tapping sessions with Vicky have been truly life changing – she is such a warm open person who is committed to helping and supporting you. I always ended my sessions feeling better than when they started and would highly recommend booking a session with Vicky if you are looking for a gentle way to improve your life.’

    – Hannah, Dungannon, Northern Ireland

  2. ‘If I could recommend one thing about this service, it would be Vicky! She is such a wonderful listener and creates a supportive space to allow for healing conversations. The techniques she is teaching me and the guidance she gives is outstanding. She is so calm and knowledgeable and always says the right things. She is teaching me to be kinder to myself. I have seen huge, positive impacts from the techniques, and not just for myself, but for my whole family as I have been able to use what I have learnt to support my children. I feel I would be lost at the moment without being on this journey and having Vicky as my mentor and guide.’

    – Katie, Worcester Park

  3. ‘Vicky is a highly professional and skilled practitioner. She is extremely perceptive and is able to adapt her approach to meet your individual needs. I have said to many of my friends, everyone needs a Vicky in their lives! Her ability to quickly understand your perspective and then sensitively support you to work through your feelings around the topic is highly effective. I was initially sceptical whether or not this would be the right approach for me. It turns out it absolutely is and I really can’t thank Vicky enough for her support. My experience has been genuinely life changing, Vicky is so skilled at what she does I thoroughly recommend Bridgewood Wellness’

    – Becky, Epsom

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