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((BOUNCE)) is mini trampoline fitness founded in 2014 by Kimberlee Perry, brought to life with the main aim of making fitness fun and more accessible for everyone!

Together with Chris Perry they turned it into a franchise business, continually opening studios up and down the UK and across the world.

Routines are performed to banging tunes in a welcoming, motivating, environment. We encourage a social space where you can make friends or even bring your children along while you work out too – we’re proud to have pioneered the ‘child-friendly’ fitness movement and pride ourselves on operating an inclusive FUN FRIENDLY FIERCE nightclub vibe to impress you!

​((BOUNCE)) improves weight loss up to 3 times faster than floor-based exercise due to the addition of gravity and g-force, it builds core strength quickly, is a cellular workout and detoxifies the body efficiently thanks to the lymphatic system being pumped as we jump. There’s oodles of scientific research on the health benefits but most impressively, we’re aiming to lose 700 calories per session and have fun… that’s what trampolines were made for!

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* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. “Bounce Epsom is a really energising class which brings variety to your weekly workouts.

    I am a hammer thrower so I train most days either throwing outside or lifting in the gym. So for me bounce is a really different type of exercise but it brings variety to my training schedule. Cardio has never been something I have enjoyed and bounce makes it seem less like hard work. It’s so fun and I feel no pressure to be amazing at it immediately! The class welcomes everyone of all abilities and the routines can be modified to suit the individual which is great.

    I think bounce is great value for money for a class with an instructor who is so passionate and supports your progress. You can go as slow or as hard as you like and it’s just a really positive experience.

    If you want to try something new, or you want to challenge yourself, bounce is perfect. It’s great to go to with friends, or even if you wanted to fly solo there are always lovely people there and you always feel welcome.”


  2. “Through joining Bounce classes my fitness levels have improved and I can see the difference in my body shape through the toning section.

    The class teacher is friendly, adaptable and delivers a high impact class.

    I’ve found it to be very competitive financially to other classes in the area.

    I particularly like the fact that it is a franchise: which means that every class is the same wherever you go to in the country. This made it easy for me to join when I moved into the area.”

    Karen Faint

  3. “Sophie from Bounce Epsom is very happy go lucky, friendly, bubbly and passionate instructor. She pushes you and makes you work hard but also gives you other options to suit your needs.

    The Monday class is great for me and allows me to bring my daughter along if I’ve no childcare. Being able to do this has given me the push to keep fit and continue with Bounce Epsom.

    All in all this is a brilliant class and I would definitely recommend it.”


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