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Dr Olga Gagua MBBS,MD

‘For decades I have developed a unique medical approach that integrates holistic medicine with conventional medicine.

I am an expert in Medical Acupuncture for pain management, women`s health, also treating female and male infertility with great success.

In the fields of holistic medicine, I follow the leading innovation and a passionate advocate for the importance of combining integrative approach with traditional medical care in partnership with the medical community.’

* Recommendations and Reviews

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  1. ‘God Bless Olga a million times for taking away so much of that horrendous burning pain. My first night in a very long time I slept without tossing and turning with burning pain. I have been seeing Olga for many years now – she lifts pain and helps people and I recommend to all.’

    – Client, London

  2. ‘We had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for over 3 years before I came to Doctor Gagua. I booked 5 sessions but to my surprise realised I was pregnant after only 3! Today I have a healthy baby boy, and couldn’t be more grateful and happy! I never had Acupuncture before and expected a complicated and painful process, but it was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep every time. I left the practice feeling calm and peaceful after each session. I have recommended Doctor Gagua to literally every woman I know who is struggling to conceive!.’

    – Client, Epsom

  3. ‘I’m 34 years old now and I have a 10 month old son. Before his birth we tried to have a child for many years but couldn’t. I used all alternative methods to conceive and we couldn’t. I’ve been checked, I had no medical problems. Although I tried many courses of acupuncture before when the practitioner placed needles on my tummy but it wasn’t successful. I knew we are young and have time ahead but sometimes I was overwhelmed by frustration. Someone recommended me Dr Gagua and my journey to success started shortly after a few sessions. We decided to continue the sessions to maintain my pregnancy. I had no abnormal symptoms and had naturally delivered our baby. I believe in Acupuncture and the doctor who gave me the opportunity to become a Mum.’

    – Client, London

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