Posted by Francesca De Franco on 02 Mar 2023

Cleaning the oven is one of those things that’s always on the to do list but never actually gets done (mainly because it’s a job I hate). There’s been even more incentive to do this lately as I discovered that a clean oven consumes less energy and therefore saves money. However, even that hasn’t galvanised me into action.

So, I was very pleased to have Sam Lawrence from Surrey Oven Cleaning came to do the job for me.

Oven cleaning service

I’ll start by posting the before pictures, so you’ll know exactly what Sam was dealing with (I’m a little bit ashamed!).

I realised immediately that there’s no way I could have done this job properly as Sam began unscrewing the oven windows in order to get to all the grunge that was sandwiched between the panes 🤢.

The service includes cleaning of the oven cavity, the door, the shelves/racks and main trays. All of the removables were soaked in professional grade solutions, which don’t contain ‘nasty’ chemicals and are child and pet safe.

A single oven clean costs £59.00 and takes approximately 1.5 hours. I had both ovens cleaned (Sam was here for about 2.5 hours), which costs £76.00. When you see how much work is involved you realise how very reasonable this is.

How clean? ^

They also do ranges, AGAs, combi-oven/microwaves and standard microwaves as well as hobs, extractor hoods and other white goods. For the full price list go here.

The verdict


I think the pictures speak for themselves. Absolutely amazing, this is the ultimate deep clean!  The ovens look like brand new, so much so I really don’t want to use them! It was a very professional and friendly service. I would 100% recommend.


Telephone: 0203 539 6033


Thank you Sam

Fran xx

(main picture just for blog).

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