Posted by Sas Cardamone on 05 Dec 2019

Opening a Christmas stocking first thing on Christmas morning is such an important part of many families festive day, for the children it’s the little packets of excitement that Father Christmas has left them, for adults the nostalgia of their own childhood stockings. As a child my stocking was filled with caps for my cap gun (because EVERYONE had a cap gun), jumping beans, a Holly Hobbie pencil, Brambly Hedge notelets, and once I even got a Dymo, it was life changing!!! Roll on 40 odd years and there are new kids on the block, but the stocking is still entrancingly magical. Who doesn’t love a Christmas stocking!!

Traditionally children find gold chocolate coins and a tangerine, for that all important Vitamin C boost before a day of excess.

Finding novel stocking fillers can be time consuming for Father Christmas so here are some fab items he might want to include as well as some tips along the way:

For younger Children – as well as the usual sweets, pencils, activity books, stickers, spare dice and craft items:

1. Battery operated toothbrush, Wilko’s have some fun ranges starting at just £3.
2. Character Socks (endless varieties available and useful all year round and available at most local supermarkets)
3. Disposable camera (great for kids to take comical Christmas shots to create their own special memories)
4. Seeds to sew in the garden or wildflower bee bombs (lovely to have something ‘green’ in the stocking or to help wildlife over winter).
5. Toy torch with projector slides or dynamo torch.
6. Mayka Tape (transforms virtually any surface into a lego/block building project)
7. Water Flute (fantastic bath time fun)
8. Heat changing mug (grab your Frozen 2 one whilst you can)
9. Fuzzy Face Magnet Game
10. Santa’s Sleigh Poly Glider
11. Paper sword (who doesn’t love a paper sword shooting out across the room)
12. Fake poo/whoopee cushion (a kids favourite guaranteed to bring laughter on Christmas morning, preferably a stretchy one or similarly vile object)

For Teenagers – the older they get the more expensive stockings can be so fill up with useful items such as hair bands, ‘smellies’ such as facemasks, bath bombs, deodorants, school stationary, voucher cards but for some other more novel ideas see below:

1. Headphone splitter/earphones (always useful)
2. Portable smartphone charger (for those emergencies when they are running low)
3. ‘No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference’ book by Greta Thunberg Book
4. Running armband/phone holder or Pop socket (no more dropped phones)
5. Smartphone projector (pricey but an awesome treat)
6. Tangle Teezer Tangle
7. Fun Snaps Snaps
8. Rechargeable batteries plus charger
9. Eco cup/sports bottle Cup
10. Touchscreen gloves (affordable and they don’t have to remove to text)
11. Mini Travel Kits (great for holidaying with the family)

One of the loveliest parts of Christmas is bringing families together so any card games (Top Trumps/Harry Potter Dobble anyone?) or gifts that can be shared are great and why not start your own Christmas tradition with Father Christmas bringing a new Christmas tree ornament each year so they can build up their own childhood collection. Stockings are one of Christmas’s best loved traditions and it’s easy to get carried away so don’t forget it’s all about the magic.

Wishing you a fabulous fun filled festive season.

Sas xx

**Disclaimer – these are fun suggestions and not a product review.  You will find most products in local supermarkets and shops.

Sas Cardamone
Sas Cardamone is a local mum originally from Norfolk. Likes checking out new crafts, aspires to getting fit (couch to 5k is still on my to do list), loves country walks in winter but nothing is better than messing around on the beach with her kids, coffee in hand, sandy sandwiches and yet another collection of shells.

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