Posted by Devenia Besant on 14 May 2020

⭐️ Tell us a bit about you and your business?

We’re Rachel & Emma from The Surrey Sound of Music and we run a Music School teaching in:

🎵 Flute
🎤 Singing
🎹 Piano
🎺 Trumpet
🎻 Violin
🥁 Drums
🎸 Guitar

We’re a mobile service so our tutors travel to their students homes. We believe in making learning music fun and regularly provide concert opportunities to build confidence and have fun performing music with others. We have a wonderful team of friendly tutors 😊

⭐️. What’s changed for your business since the outbreak of Covid-19?

We have moved online! 💻

All of our tutors are now teaching via Zoom and it’s been going brilliantly! We were unsure how successful it would be but have been amazed that it’s allowed us to teach as normally as we can – thank goodness for this wonderful technology! We feel it’s really important for our students to have a bit of normality in their lives during this time so hope that seeing their tutor each week for a lesson helps with this 😊 we love seeing them too! We are loving Zoom lessons and would even be happy to offer this service to students further afield in the future, so every cloud has a silver lining as we wouldn’t have considered this before!

⭐️ What are you looking forward to when lock down is over?

We can’t wait to see our lovely students face to face again! We also can’t wait for our next concert (Although it’s very uncertain when this will be!) We are in the process of doing a virtual concert for our students so they can still perform together. Watch this space for that! It goes without saying that we can’t wait to see our friends and family and give them all great big hugs!

⭐️ Lastly what’s your positive message to help others through this?

Keep smiling and remember we can’t have a rainbow without a storm, hang in there! Never forget the power of music, keep playing & listening, guaranteed to make you smile 😊

Find out more about The Surrey Sound of Musicand their online classes by visiting the website here.

Dee xx

Devenia Besant
Devenia (Dee) Besant is the founder of Epsom and Ewell Families. Runs a busy household as a mummy of 3 and a wife and some would say crazily committed to helping small businesses and the local community.

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