Posted by Devenia Besant on 09 Jun 2020

⭐️ Tell us a bit about you and your business?

Hello, l’m Caroline owner of

I’m a mum of three boys and I juggle two jobs. Pilates helped cure my own back pain caused by my other job so I really feel I can preach exactly what I practice!  I teach mat based Pilates at Ruxley Lane Church in Ewell and I have a very loyal following. I write every class from scratch and it keeps the classes fresh, fun and challenging.

I also work in partnership with Epsom and St Helier Maternity Service donating to their charity, I teach Antenatal and Postnatal ‘mum and baby’ specialist classes.

⭐️  What’s changed for your business since the outbreak of Covid-19?

Since the outbreak everything moved online to ‘Zoom’ from April 2020. I had to get technical, ordering electronic devices, stands and lighting equipment which I’d never used before. However, I’m so pleased it’s worked brilliantly! Live zoom Classes are the next best thing.  In addition to this I can now offer recorded Pilates classes which works well for those with good self motivation.

⭐️  What are you looking forward to when lock down is fully over?

I’m a small business that has kept going due to my loyal customers and I’m very grateful for that. I think this strange period of time has made us all embrace technology, young and old, we have become adaptable, made it work for us and that’s something to be proud of.

With all that said there is of course nothing like the personal touch, so when the time is right I can’t wait to start Pilates at the church again.

More info about Simply Pilates With Caroline classes can be found on the following websites

Dee xx

Devenia Besant
Devenia (Dee) Besant is the founder of Epsom and Ewell Families. Runs a busy household as a mummy of 3 and a wife and some would say crazily committed to helping small businesses and the local community.

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