Posted by Devenia Besant on 27 Apr 2020

⭐️ Tell us a bit about you and your business?

Mi-Handyman is a friendly, family run business which offers a bespoke handyman service offering a selection of practical solutions for your home, garden or business.

In a nutshell our ethos is ‘No Job Is Too Small’ 😁

We are based in Ewell Village and cover Surrey, South West London and West Kent, however a majority of our clients are within the Epsom and Sutton area.

⭐️ What’s changed for your business since the outbreak of Covid-19?

Obviously with the outbreak of Covid-19 we have had to temporarily suspend our services in line with government regulations.

We deem our work as ‘non essential’ so we believe the wellbeing of our customers and their families are so much more important than carrying out any handyman projects.

As a family run business we put great emphasis on our customers wellbeing as they are like family to us.

We have been using social media to engage and connect with our clients and ringing some of our elderly and vulnerable clients who maybe on their own during this time.

We have also been providing DIY blogs and step by step tutorials for our clients who maybe feeling adventurous with their home improvement projects! (Check them out here 👉 Mi-Handyman).

⭐️ What are you looking forward to when lock down is over?

We look forward to reconnecting and seeing our clients again and building our business, we have recently employed Dave, another tradesperson to our team who as well as being an amazingly skilled multi-trader is a fully qualified locksmith and will be a great asset to our business.

We also look forward to being able to purchase materials as it’s been near impossible to source certain tools and sundries since the lockdown.

⭐️ Lastly what’s your positive message to help others through this?

Our positive message is to Stay strong, we are all in this situation together and despite this terrible and most devastating period in time some of us hopefully have gained something positive from this lockdown, whether it’s spending more time with loved ones or learning something new, or simply learning to enjoy and appreciate things more than before.

We are one step closer each day to seeing each other again.

Find out more about how Mi-Handyman can help you:

– Hanging things
– Sealing things
– Painting things
– Pointing things
– Assembling things
– Maintaining things
– Repairing things
– Snagging things

On their profile page here.

Dee xx

Devenia Besant
Devenia (Dee) Besant is the founder of Epsom and Ewell Families. Runs a busy household as a mummy of 3 and a wife and some would say crazily committed to helping small businesses and the local community.

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