Posted by Francesca De Franco on 16 Nov 2018

My nine-year-old and seven-year-old twins were absolutely delighted to get the chance to have a SleepUnder party.

It’s a great concept; Sleep Under comes over and sets up everything you need to create the perfect sleepover in your own home. They do packages for both boys and girls, ours was a party for four girls.
Jodie, the Surrey host, got in touch beforehand to get all the details so the sleepover party could be tailored perfectly. She also asked about specific requests on treats (in our case popping candy and chocolate coins!).

What we got for our SleepUnder party:

• Four handcrafted and very stylish wooden framed tents with pretty fabric skins

• Four very comfy blow up beds with lovely matching bedding, pillow cases and soft throws

• Two lots of decorative bunting (you can have dream catchers if you prefer)

• Two lots of fairy lights

• Four decorative scatter cushions

• Four breakfast trays

• Four lanterns with LED tea lights

• Four sleep masks

• An LED camp fire

• LED light box

• Four goody bags with snacks (there were lots of treats including the ones we’d requested)

• Four lots of popcorn with cinema popcorn boxes

On the day, Jodie arrived at the time we’d arranged (whilst the children were at school) and got to work. I helped move a few bits of furniture out of the way, but aside from that didn’t lift a finger.

What we thought:

It looked stunning after Jodie had worked her magic and I couldn’t wait for the girls to see it. The attention to detail was fantastic. They were so excited when they got home, and they weren’t disappointed… they absolutely loved it! They were bowled over by the whole appearance and particularly taken with the LED campfire and light box. They were all really impressed with the goodie bags and straight after dinner got to work with colouring their sleep masks. They also did the mindfulness colouring in sheets and made the bead bracelets that Jodie had included. I have never known children so eager to get into their PJs!

They settled down into their beds (which they said were really cosy) to watch a film and eat some of the treats provided. They loved having the hot chocolates, which were also in the goodie bags, first thing in the morning and were buzzing about the whole experience.

I loved the package as I didn’t have to worry about the logistics, supply the goodies, organise entertainment or generally concern myself with any of the details. The tents really do add a great extra dimension to the experience. To top it all off Sleep Under come back the next day and take it all down again! I would definitely recommend.

Other details

Our party had an age range of 7-10 years, but I’m sure it would also appeal to older and younger. Do bear in mind that full length single inflatable beds are used so you need a room that can accommodate them. However, Jodie is adept at making it all work.

You can reserve your date for just a £40 deposit. For availability, prices and package details go to: and follow them on Facebook here.

Fran xx

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