Posted by Juliet Wheater on 08 Jun 2020

Grow Cook Enjoy was founded by Jayne McGhee in 2014. A local, qualified professional chef and naturally talented gardener, beekeeper and self-confessed allotment junky! Having worked for years honing her craft in all kinds of kitchens, including working under Marco Pierre White and later moving into Food Services Manager roles, Jayne has laterally transferred her cooking knowledge and natural leadership skills to working with children as well as with adults.

Although not a natural cook myself, I’ve become increasingly interested in wanting to add differing dishes to my repertoire during lockdown. With more of us wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle (possibly more so than ever before) without the fall back of convenience food to feed our families, I thought I’d take the plunge and enrol on a Grow Cook Enjoy, online cookery class.

I adore Thai food, having discovered the cuisine on a backpacking tour in my twenties, so I opted for the Pad Thai, focused class.

Grow Cook Enjoy Adult classes currently run on Wednesday’s at 7pm and are the ideal activity to learn new skills, perfect favourite recipes and cook with a partner to then enjoy dinner together, a rather rare thing in our household. (A maximum of 12 participants to a class, from a very reasonable £5 per person, with private classes also an option if required).

It’s worth noting also, that Grow Cook Enjoy also, very cleverly offer classes for children twice a week and the weekly student option ‘Strive and Survive’ aimed at those off to university and away from home, needing inspiration for tasty, adaptable meals on a budget.

Correspondence with Jayne was efficient, having promptly received the Zoom link to access the midweek evening class as well as a list of ingredients to purchase, along with the utensils that we’d be needing. The reassurances were welcome also: use prawn and chicken or just the one option for example. If you cannot find rice noodles, egg noodles will suffice.

Jayne welcomed participants to the class and we wasted no time, in washing and preparing our vegetables to set to one side. Jayne talks us through the processes step by step, ensuring all participants are keeping up and happy, kindly answering all queries that come her way!

She regularly showcases through her device, her own wok, so that we can understand the progress of the dish. We learn simple hacks, such as the rice noodles simply to sit in a pre-boiled pan of water, no further attention necessary! Also once the noodles are in with the cooked vegetables and prawns, the ingredients are pushed to one side of the pan, to allow an egg to heat, before its moved and mixed in with the rest of the dish. Who knew!

I love that fact that Grow Cook Enjoy has fantastic credentials such as Winner of Best Business for Commitment to the Environment 2017, Finalist 2018, 2019 and that Jayne cooks according to the seasons. For example: currently with courgettes coming into season, Grow Cook Enjoy are offering a Crab & Courgette Bake cook along, with a further forthcoming tutorial of a Mediterranean Stew.

It was so lovely to create a midweek evening meal with my husband and to tuck into it straight from our tutorial with other at-home cooks. Quick, easy and highly recommended.  You can find more information about the Grow Cook Enjoy online cooking lessons on the website here or follow them on Instagram @growcookenjoy.

Juliet x

Juliet Wheater
With over 20 years of experience in the luxury, lifestyle, spa and travel sectors, Juliet Wheater has devised creative, high quality media campaigns for some of the best loved brands internationally.

Juliet heads up the Health & Wellness division at Scarlett PR.

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