Posted by Francesca De Franco on 03 Apr 2019

I sit hunched over my laptop daily, have general bad posture and suffer from tension in my neck and shoulders… oh yes, my hips are also a bit lopsided.

With that in mind, I was intrigued to see what osteopathy – a practice that specialises in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal problems – could do for me.


I visited BodyFix Clinic in Stoneleigh and saw osteopath Andrew Graham.

Andrew immediately put me at my ease and explained how osteopathy can help with lower back, shoulder and neck pain, structural re-alignment and specific issues such as sports’ injuries (amongst many other things).

We discussed my medical history, my daily routine and any specific complaints I had. All of which helps to form a diagnosis.


This focusses on the nerves, muscles and joints. I had to stand still and then do some simple movements whilst Andrew observed. Then he used palpation (touch) to further investigate.


My pelvis is mis-aligned, which is causing side bend in my lumbar spine (lower back) and other compensations further up in my spine and neck. For me, this all results in sporadic aches, pains and stiffness. I also have anterior head carriage aka ‘computer neck’, which means my head is in a forward position on my neck which is causing tension in my upper trapezius muscle.


The aims of my treatment were to align my pelvis and mobilise my upper back and neck. Andrew looked for restricted joints in my neck and articulated them. This is a gentle repetitive movement to get the muscles to relax and increase the range of movement in the neck. He also manipulated my upper back. A ‘manipulation’ is slightly stronger than an articulation but similarly aims to free a restricted joint. This resulted in a few cracking sounds in my upper back, which I personally found great!

He also used ‘Soft Tissue Technique’ to the muscles of my upper back/neck. It’s like a more traditional massage. The idea of this is to work directly onto the muscles, to relax them and increase blood flow to them. 

At the end of the session I felt really good, the tension had eased in my neck and I generally felt lighter around my shoulders and more mobile. When Andrew re-examined me he could also see that my pelvis was far better aligned. At my follow up appointment, the week after, the results had been maintained so Andrew used the same techniques again to make further improvements. Additionally, he used a massager to stimulate blood flow and disperse lactic acid in my glutes. I was very happy with the results and immediately booked my next appointment!

Aside from the treatments mentioned, dry needling, therapeutic ultrasound, taping and cupping are other techniques that are used at the clinic.

After care advice  

I was told to work on improving my posture, so the spine does the work not my muscles. I was also given tips on improving my posture when working on the laptop. Finally, I was shown how to do the glute bridge exercise. Repetitions of this strengthen the area meaning my newly aligned pelvis would be held better in place.

Appointments and fees

The initial consultation (45 minutes) includes a discussion of case history, physical examination, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare advice. It costs £60. A follow up treatment (recommended) is 30 minutes long and costs £45. With this appointment, there’s a lot less talking, and the focus is on looking at how well the previous treatment has worked and building on it.

Aside from osteopathy, BodyFix Clinic offers a range of other services including chiropody, physiotherapy (women’s health), cranial osteopathy (see Kat’s review) and sports massage.

67 Stoneleigh Broadway, Stoneleigh, KT17 2HP

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