Posted by Kat Heath on 09 Jul 2020

With leisure facilities and venues closed we have all been forced to be creative in terms of how to fill our spare time

Unfortunately for some this has involved the increased use of Nitrous Oxide.

Disused Nitrous Oxide canisters have been found in abundance across the counties parks and streets indicating there is a growing trend in the consumption of this potentially lethal gas.

Nitrous Oxide when utilised correctly is a colourless gas used in hospitals during childbirth or domestically for filling balloons and is presented in pressurised metal canisters.

However, when misused it is inhaled via a balloon to give a sense of Euphoria.
On the street you may hear it being called;

Laughing Gas,
Hippie Crack or

According to Home Office figures Nitrous Oxide is the 2nd most common drug used amongst 16-24 year old with an increase of admissions into A&E in relation to its misuse.

The side effects of this drug can range from:
Feelings of Euphoria,
Lack of judgement,

More serious side effects include;
Lack of oxygen to the brain,
Nerve damage,
B12 deficiencies,
Throat Spasm, leading to inability to breathe,

Although being in possession of nitrous oxide is not illegal, it is illegal to supply and produce it solely for illicit purposes.

Under Section 5 of the Psychoactive Drugs Act 2016 it is punishable by law to supply to children and perpetrators could face 7 years in jail and a hefty fine.

Police across the country have issued warnings to parents about the increased consumption of Nitrous Oxide and it’s dangerous and potentially fatal side effects.

They are also encouraging people to be vigilant and report the illegal supply of this easily accessible substance by calling Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111.

If you are concerned about or are struggling with drug use or you are worried about someone you know contact: Talk to Frank on: 0300 123 6600
Or visit their website:


Kat Heath
Kat Heath is a qualified beauty therapist and a mum of two boys, Harry and Elliott.

Kat also has been a marketing ambassador and blogger for many on-line mummy sites as well as working as a therapist for Decleor, Clarins and Guinot within Selfridges, Peter Jones and John Lewis.

Her passions are fashion, interiors, wellbeing and food!

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