Posted by Kalli Pasqualucci on 22 May 2020

Satisfied Eye International Film Festival (SEIFF) ran a local photography competition to battle lockdown boredom. The photo entries were brilliant…


And the judges had some tough decisions to make but they chose Lila Heart’s photo My Life In Isolation.

Here are some of their comments …

  • “Illustrates a lot of us who have found ourselves home schooling and trying to keep the kids entertained.”
  • “Of all the submissions it best captured the theme of isolation.”
  • “Simple yet strong.”
  • “If it’s a staged photo, it’s flawlessly done and if not I feel her pain.  The depth of field, sharp focus on the mum with the blur of movement of the children in the background – in a room that feels lived in – makes the whole thing feel incredibly real and kinetic.”
  • “So many of us are stuck at home and we all can relate to this image.”
  • “The fact it has been taken on a smartphone just adds to the feeling of painful reality and in years to come it could be shown as a microcosm of life in isolation.”

The next SEIFF lockdown event is a MovieCon. We will be asking people to video themselves, in costume, doing mundane things (e.g Spiderman mowing the lawn, Batman washing up etc) and is open to all ages.

SEIFF had planned to have events and entertainment happening in Epsom every month this year – from free film screenings, outdoor screenings and a Comic Con event in June for Father’s Day. The Comic Con event was due to feature Star Cars (Batmobile, Lightning McQueen and Ecto-1), Photo Prop Opportunities (Game of Thrones Chair) and a Masquerade Competition.

In order to keep the fun and entertainment of the film festival, SEIFF will be holding monthly competitions and events for local people in isolation. Hopefully we will be able to relieve some boredom and stress during lockdown.

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Kalli xx

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