Posted by Hayley Boland on 05 Dec 2023

As a first time mum to a gorgeous 16 month old daughter I am not ashamed to admit I have had my struggles since becoming a mum, I never wanted to admit I wasn’t enjoying motherhood, navigating and adapting to a whole new world was and still is very scary and a huge part of that is the way I feel physically and I think most new mums just accept that this is the way their body is after child birth and its normal to not feel normal. I felt this too until I heard about the Mummy MOT at The Body Fix Clinic and I was happy for the opportunity to review.

The Bodyfix Clinic opened in 2018 after founders Andy and Nicole joined together their shared passion to provide exceptional complementary health care to the local community.

I was intrigued when I heard about the Mummy MOT. The mission statement on the website really hit a cord with me: “Our goal is that every mum has the option of a Mummy MOT whether they have had a complicated birth or not. Please do not suffer in silence, postnatal conditions are common but NOT normal. Every mum deserves a Mummy MOT. “

The Mummy MOT covers a variety of tests and checks such as:
• Posture in standing
• Squat and lunge (functional transfer of load)
• Symmetry of the pelvis/neck/ribs
• HIP ROM/Faber test.
• Single leg stance
• Sit to stand test.
• Active straight leg raise.
• Pelvic floor/transverse abdominis core synergy
• Inter recti distance measurement (tummy gap)
• Pelvic floor assessment.

I was sent a registration form and medical questionnaire beforehand which asked for my health information since giving birth. I arrived to a lovely welcoming reception area and my therapist Eleanor was waiting for me. Eleanor is a certified Mummy MOT practitioner and has a masters in Osteopathy she also a trained specialist in cranial osteopathy for both adults and children and can see babies from birth which is a good idea with any type of traumatic or assisted birth.

Eleanor took me to the treatment room and talked through my questionnaire, she asked me if I had any concerns at present. I told her a few issues I had been experiencing and she said we could address them in the MOT. Eleanor explained clearly the tests she would be carrying out and we began. I won’t go through them all as they are so detailed you will be reading for a while, but she identified several areas that I could get help to improve my mobility and posture. She also advised my ribs had slight flare post-partum and with some manipulation along with diaphragmatic breathing this could be improved which was a huge relief to me as I have felt since having Ava my back has expanded. Eleanor also checked my C section scar and showed me some massage techniques to improve the scar tissue and the “shelf “ I have inherited since my C-section . Eleanor also asked about my mental health and gave me some advice on nutrition. As part of the Mummy MOT you get a pelvic floor examination which includes an internal check which can identify any prolapse and other things that may not feel right but we have come to accept since giving birth. Eleanor closed the session with a sum up and I left feeling very positive and relieved someone understood my body concerns.

Eleanor followed up via email with a detailed summary which she attached videos of stretches and lots of tips. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to visit the BodyFix Clinic and experience the Mummy MOT .
The Mummy MOT is £99 and available for new mums to mums up to 6 years post partum and would make a lovely Christmas present .

The Bodyfix clinic has a range of other therapies and services from Chiropody to Sports Massage
0208 394 0393

Hayley xx

Hayley Boland
Hayley has lived in Epsom for 5 years, she lives with her husband and their 3 Sausage dogs. Hayley works part time as an Executive Assistant for an Epsom company and devotes her spare time as a trustee for a Dachshund rescue and rehoming charity. Hayley loves socialising and is the chief organiser of everything from food bank drives with her neighbours to nights out with her friends. Her other passions are being a rock star auntie to the little ones in her life and her guilty pleasure is any type of reality TV.

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