Posted by Kalli Pasqualucci on 05 Dec 2023

It was a pleasure visiting the AOG clinic recently. I especially enjoyed it as I used to work in that building when it was an estate agent, so it’s lovely to see how Dr Olga Gagua has changed it from an office into a clinic.

With private parking directly outside, a rarity in Epsom and Ewell, I was welcomed into the clinic by Dr Gagua. She explained her practice to me, outlining the services that she provided:

  • Pain management
  • Infertility in males and females
  • Female hormone concerns
  • And allergic conditions

And then she explained her process of using the ancient practice of acupuncture, which has been refined by modern-day science, to offer a holistic approach to wellness, pain relief, stress and hormone imbalances. She has a keen interest in supporting those who have tried and been unable to start a family.

As someone who is fascinated by holistic health, and alternative therapies, I enjoyed learning about her practice and how she aims to support and help people in Epsom and Ewell with her expertise as a general practitioner and medical acupuncturist.

After a thorough medical history, I was taken into the consulting rooms to begin my acupuncture treatment. I had very fine (almost hair-like) needles inserted into my wrists, arms, feet, legs and into my abdomen. I didn’t feel a single one of them. If you’ve read my previous acupuncture experience, you’ll know that I’m scared of needles, and I felt completely comfortable with the insertion and removal of them all.

What I found fascinating about Dr Gagua is the number of observations that she correctly made about me based on taking my pulse, looking at my skin, feeling the temperature of my hands and looking at my teeth and eyes. Absolutely mind-blowing!

I thoroughly enjoyed, not something I ever thought that I would say, the acupuncture treatment at AOG clinic. And I look forward to returning soon.

You can get in touch with AOG Clinic at:

48 High Street, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1RW

077 6856 6997

I hope this helps you,

Kalli x

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Kalli Pasqualucci
Kalli lives in Epsom with her two boys and husband.

She is passionate about film, theatre, art, music, books and good food. She is a digital marketer and social media manager and teaches yoga.

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