Posted by Michelle Casey on 11 Feb 2021

A Lockdown Valentine’s Weekend

‘Where there is love there is life’

– Mahatma Gandhi

In spite of everything happening around us, hopefully we are all feeling the support, connection and motivation that love brings – whether that be from a partner, a good friend or family. We need it more than ever.

Recently, many of us have hit a lockdown wall: fed up, tired, bored, guilty, thankful, frustrated, sad, in awe, worried. A mishmash of feelings interchangeable at any given moment of any given day. Running out of places to walk, things to say, things to eat, conversation topics and patience! Know that you are most definitely not alone in feeling ALL the feelings.

But, we can try to look forward- Spring is just around the corner after all. And there is light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. I’m sure by now lots of you have family members who have received the vaccine, or perhaps you have received it yourself. So that gives us hope.

With a lockdown Valentine’s day on the cards for this coming weekend, we have come up with a few suggestions to do with the love or loves (friends / family) in your life.

1. Enjoy a wine tasting evening

This is something I saw suggested in Epsom and Ewell Families FB group recently, and I love this idea! I had no idea you could do it online, but I definitely plan to try it. Check out Divine Wine Adventures or Hannibal Brown.

2. Breakfast

Simple enjoy breakfast in bed or a Valentine’s themed breakfast as a family, heart shaped toast anyone?

3. Cook a meal together as a couple or as a family

Cooking together and spending this time together, enjoying conversation allows you to focus on the simple things. Get good quality fresh ingredients from Fruit & Veg Supplier – Fresh Connect – Fresh Connect (

4. Cocktails

Enjoy a virtual cocktail making class. And best of all- you can connect with friends while doing it, check out Mixology events to book a group class or to send a loved one a voucher.  Another great company to check out is Cock & Tails fellow Epsom and Ewell Families blogger tried them just last week.

5. Watch a movie with friends

This might be pushing the idea of ‘watching a movie together’ for some of you, but I recently spoke to someone who decides on a movie to watch with a WhatsApp group of friends, then they all press play at the same time. That way you can all enjoy it at the same time and comment on it- laugh together and cry together.

6. Do a family Joe Wicks or yoga session

After feeling a bit ‘meh’ all last week, on Saturday morning we did one of the Joe Wicks sessions from You Tube with the kids, and we all felt better afterwards. Good old serotonin!

7. Walk

Practise self-love and get out for a walk. Take from it what you need: the physical activity or the head space you may crave.

Just walk and clear your head. Or plug into a podcast (check out the one below featuring Epsom and Ewell Families’ very own Dee), listen to a Ted Talk, an audio book or just some music.

Other ideas to enjoy Valentines with your partner, family or friends could be:

8. A wine and cheese night 

9. A karaoke night

10. A pizza making evening

11. A bicycle ride

12. Make a joint bucket list

13. Do a puzzle together

14. Make a scrap book of your memories

Happy Valentine’s Day, hang in there and what ever you choose to do on this day of love, enjoy!

Michelle xx

Michelle Casey
Michelle is a newcomer to the borough (since summer 2019) and lives in West Ewell with her husband and two children. She is a part-time primary school teacher and works in various schools in the area. When not teaching, writing, walking or attempting yoga, she is likely to be found at a playground or soft play with her littlies-preferably one that serves good coffee…

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