Posted by Annabel Chow on 23 Feb 2023

I recently had the privilege to watch Laird Academy’s Peter Pan at the Adrian Mann Theatre, Nescot College. Attending with my young family, and with little prior knowledge of Laird Academy, I must admit we didn’t know what to expect.

Teaching, Ballet, Tap and Modern and Musical Theatre to tiny tots all the way to teens, Peter Pan was a show that gave Laird Academy the platform to pull together all age groups and disciplines. I was blown away by the glorious and varied costumes, the choreography and the high calibre of the dancers. This was no amateur school play. These young people have been trained against The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus which is THE standard if your child loves dancing.  The high level of the senior girls only proves how well the juniors are trained to achieve such a high level.

The Laird Academy is led by Deirdre Laird, a seasoned and successful dancer and performer having worked in the West End, Film and TV as well as with famous artists such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior and Judy Garland. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching musical theatre and ballet – she really knows her stuff. In fact, many of her students go on to study dance professionally upon finishing at the Academy; recent leavers have gained places at The Royal Ballet School, Laine Theatre Arts, Bird College of Dance, Urdang Academy and L.I.P.A.

My 7 year old and 4 year old revelled in the cheekiness of the Lost Boys, the beauty of the fairy dances and the energy of Peter Pan, Hook and Wendy. They were captivated by all that they saw; it was an elegant, finessed performance full of grace without a foot out of place. What’s more, the students were confident, thriving in the spotlight and taking pride in their performance. Whilst I dont think my two are going to be Prima Ballerinas, I am going to be looking into classes for them. The Laird Academy offer a disciplined approach to dance but they also give the students self-belief and confidence – invaluable life skills that will support children in whatever they choose to be.

The Laird Academy offer:

– Ballet

– Tap and Modern

– Musical Theatre classes

for children aged 5 -18.

They also offer a baby class for tiny tots and preschoolers. For further information click here.

Annabel xx

Annabel Chow
I'm Annabel and I work as a Marketing Consultant. I am based in Stoneleigh with my long suffering husband and two cheeky little girls. Being in marketing, I am a keen writer that loves playing with words whether it is for work or play.

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