Posted by Tracy Deadman on 28 Feb 2018

These days, with little time to spare and the shops full of colourful costumes in all your children’s favourite characters, it’s easy (and also expensive) to just grab a costume off the peg and send them off to school in it! Only for them to be greeted by many other Harry Potter or Cinderella lookalikes.

Here I just wanted to show you that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most of the time you will have the things you need for a great costume at home.  You could have a DIY costume to be proud of……and the best thing is it has cost you pennies.

Here are some ideas for you. I’m sure you will think of many more.

Boy in the dress:
Dress, trainers and a football (simple!)

Billionaire boy:
T-shirt & jeans. £ sign cut from cardboard around neck! I found an old chain to put this one. Could just be stuck on. Waving fake money.

Diary of wimpy kid:
Cardboard head

The Lorax:
Orange t-shirt and yellow card moustache and eyebrows stuck onto old pair of sunglasses.



Dressing gown, glasses and a plastic jar (think peanut butter) with a little water amd glitter and ‘Sofie’s dreams’ written on it.

Queen Elizabeth II (as seen in BFG and various other children stories)
Old Angel costume without wings. Blue ribbon to make sash. Plastic or paper tiara crown. (Here I found a brooch in local charity shop for 50p).

Princess and the Pea:
Any pretty party dress. A crown (Paper or plastic) and either a green ball pool ball or a green balloon ties to wrist.

Princess and the frog:
As above but with a plastic frog, cuddly frog toy….I think everyone has one of those.

Simple blue dress (any colour will do. Everyone knows Matilda from the red ribbon). Red ribbon in hair and a book. Here I made a large book by covering a cereal box. I gave it the title ‘Complete works of Darls Chickens’ as she gets Charles Dickens confused in the movie.

UP :
Wilderness Explorer:
Shorts, cap & t-shirt, bandanna and sash . Cardboard circles decorated to look like badges stuck onto sash…don’t forget the Grape Soda badge. Small rucksack with multicoloured balloons tied to it. Apart from the balloons these were all things found at home.

Charlie Bucket:
Normal plain clothes with a golden ticket Printed out or handmade.

George’s marvellous medicine:
Dressed in normal clothes.
A plastic bottle either filled with coloured water and glitter. Label on bottle to read “Grandma’s medicine”. A wooden spoon.

Stuart little:
Homemade mouse ears on Alice band. Face paint as a mouse. Hooded sweatshirt, jeans and trainers/converse. (We had a large pencil already – maybe you do too)

And if you are feeling particularly lazy, there is a great story by Roald Dahl called the Magic Finger! My daughter didn’t want to dress up last year. A little glitter on her finger and costume was done lol. Easy.

Have fun!

Tracy xx

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