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Miuccia Prada

It all began in the 1960s when a shop called Mr Freedom on the King’s Road in Chelsea sold Disney-inspired slogan tees, whilst Vivienne Westwood took the trend a step further during the next decade with politically motivated T-shirts. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the slogan tee really came into its own with designer Katharine Hamnett, wearing one of her creations bearing the text ‘58% Want Pershing’ (an anti-nuclear statement) whilst shaking hands with then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. The slogan garment was born and if fashion holds a mirror to society, we ask, what is it saying right now? Specifically what is slogan clothing wanting to convey?

Locally we are lucky enough to have an array of differing outlets, offering us gorgeous clothes with positive, jolly and thought provoking messages, designed to keep us going through these trying times. We round up some of the best.

First up, check out this absolute must have right now! How spot on is this ‘Home School Chic’ sweatshirt as we continue to decipher phonics, fractions and proper pronouns, to then attempt to teach them to our school age children.  See My Other Life boutique for this beauty, which I think should be mandatory mummy school uniform!

Be the one to spread positivity with colourful brights this Winter and rock this ‘Positive Vibes’ sweatshirt again by My Other Life boutique, during your daily run or dog walk.

Why not add some matching ‘Sparkle’ to your mini me, with this vibrant red jumper, something sure to beat any Winter blues. Finally wear or gift an important reminder and continue to ‘Shine’ and you won’t go far wrong.

What’s more as the pandemic continues to devastate, rest assured that you can consciously purchase these sweatshirts as they are organic, climate-neutral and are Fair Wear-certified products.  Meaning that they help protect both the planet and the hardworking people involved in the manufacturing process. (Sweatshirts adult £40, sweatshirts children’s £15, tees £27.99).  More styles can be found on the website – .

Style Signature Boutique 

Awesome, brand new leisure/workout wear is soon to  be uploaded to Epsom based, Style Signature Boutique so you can really feel empowered whilst also feeling the burn. Shop a curated selection of amazing brands whilst having the personal and expert touch of local mum, Marsha McLean Anderson who is a qualified and experienced stylist.

I can’t decide which I like best! How poignant to work out in this stylish black sleeveless tee (£30) stating ‘This Too Shall Pass’. A much referenced statement during the pandemic but perhaps with a double meaning and acting as an incentive that your sweaty, feel good workout will end soon and the mood boosting endorphins will all be worth it! Another from Style Signature Boutique is this grey tee (£30) cutting straight to the chase with ‘Human- Kind be both’. A message, we can all get on board with.

Stand up for the sisterhood, whilst feeling effortless, cosy and girly in this gorgeous soft pink hoodie (£50). ‘Women Will Save the World’ references a book of the same name and inspired by the Dali Lama when he said “The World Will be Saved by the Western Woman” as women inherently bring a greater focus on nurturing and connection and whilst he was talking about global, humanitarian issues like peace, poverty, and the end of terrorism, his words ring true for something else I think: Business. So let’s support these local fashion businesses. Let’s champion each other!

Another very fitting slogan piece by Style Signature Boutique is this round neck black and white sweatshirt, which invites you to ‘Trust the Process’ (£30) again so apt for our times and fitness plans!  Join the mailing list to keep up to speed on the release of these items.

Olivia’s Closet

If a picture speaks a thousand words, this peace sign (designed by a Brit in 1958 for nuclear disarmament) looking chic and bejewelled, can be found on a beautiful camel knit at Olivia’s Closet in Leatherhead. The store is simply a treasure trove of stunning pieces, both for your capsule wardrobe but also a one-stop-shop for garments and accessories, each with a refreshingly modern take. There is always something to fall in love with at Olivia’s Closet.Watch out for their Spring items they tell us and for that, we simply can’t wait!

Styled Right

And if all else fails, there’s just one message we need and that’s to simply share the ‘Love’ with this stylish white t-shirt (£12) which can be dressed down with jeans or dressed up with a blazer. It’s available at Styled Right an exciting new local online boutique, launched during lockdown, which definitely needs checking out.

It’s easy to see why there has been a growth in popularity of the positive slogan garment. It’s all about feeling good about yourself and choosing text to reflect your personality. When choosing the words you want to say about yourself and reflect out to others, make them positive, make them loving, make them good – every single day.

Keep positive!

Juliet xx


Juliet Wheater
With over 20 years of experience in the luxury, lifestyle, spa and travel sectors, Juliet Wheater has devised creative, high quality media campaigns for some of the best loved brands internationally.

Juliet heads up the Health & Wellness division at Scarlett PR.

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