Posted by Kat Heath on 09 Aug 2021

As we all know it hasn’t been the hottest of summers this year.  With many families choosing to not go away this year combined with the recent wet weather it can feel very restrictive when planning what to do with children during the summer holidays.

As a working mum of two, I like many parents that are frantically juggling work and home life increasingly so over the summer holidays like to plan activities for the summer holidays, however with the weather the way it has been it’s not always that easy.
Or so I thought….

After some extensive research I have devised some great low cost/free ideas for you and your children to make the most of the summer holidays, rain or shine.

Pizza making is a great activity to get your children helping out in the kitchen.
You can buy ready made bases from the supermarket, however it is super easy to create your own base using, Flour, Water, Oil and a pinch of salt.
Just simply knead together and go!
Encourage your children to choose their toppings and obviously don’t forget the tomato purée and cheese!

Another favourite kitchen activity in our house which doesn’t cost much. Visit: for some easy and fun recipes aimed for children to do alongside a parent or carer.

Often children lose touch with their school friends over the summer.
Families being away over the break etc means it can be hard to arrange play dates, however they are a great way for your child to keep using their inter social skills and occupies them for a wet afternoon.

If you weren’t familiar with Zoom before the pandemic then the likely hood is you are now!
Zoom is a great way of keeping your children in touch with their friends on a rainy afternoon.
Maybe organise a Zoom Quiz or create a game such as charades which will keep them entertained for a while!

Cant have a picnic outdoors because of the rain? Then an indoor picnic is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Especially on a rainy day!
Encourage your children to help create their favourite picnic foods.
Make a variety of sandwiches or rolls. Make it interesting and lay a blanket in the front room and enjoy!

Treasure hunts are a great way of spending a rainy afternoon.
Create clues and hide various items around the house. You could even have a pirate themed treasure hunt!

Again another great activity for when it’s raining.  Grab some popcorn and drinks and snuggle up in the sofa. There are many children’s film channels available so take your pick!

Although I studied Art ant Art College, I’m not a fan of crafts which is why I love following a variety of instagram accounts aimed at parents who doesn’t like craft:

Emma ScottChild:
Director of Lady Land and author of Quick Crafts: For Parents That Hate Craft offers a range of tutorials online visit:

Emily Dawe:
Emily who describes herself as ‘The Craft Lady’ lives in Worcester Park and has been featured on Channel Fours Kirsty’s Crafty Christmas and offers a range of craft ideas via her instagram account: @editbyemily
She also has published a book called Crafty Christmas which can be used all round for craft inspiration with your children.

This is a firm favourite in our house and is a lovely craft which doesn’t cost anything!
Using paints or sharpie pens you can create some beautiful artwork on rocks and stones found in your garden.

Scrapbooks have been a long time favourite for children throughout the decades.
Your child can create visual journals using items from a walk or from old magazines. It is a lovely way to keep them occupied for at least an afternoon!

Draw with Rob was a phenomenon which started during the pandemic encouraging children to draw but it is broken down so easily. Rob Biddulph says;
‘When the coronavirus pandemic quarantine period began in Spring/Summer 2020, I realised that lots of people were going to find themselves at home with their children for several weeks/months looking for things to do. So I decided to post a draw-along video every Tuesday and Thursday that parents could watch with their kids and, hopefully, make some nice pictures.’
These videos which are all available on You Tube or via the Draw With Rob website are a great way of keeping children occupied and creative!

As libraries are not open in the usual way at present you can still enjoy various online events hosted by the various libraries in the area.
For Surrey Library online events visit:
For Sutton Library online events visit:

We are big fans of kitchen discos in our house!
Ask Alexa or Google to play your favourite playlists and get down.
You could even take it to another level and dress up. Pretend your at a festival or rave and really let your hair down. Just be aware of your neighbours though!

Raid your loft and garage and dig out your old board games. Perfect for a wet afternoon.

Now that restrictions are lifted we can all enjoy the cinema.
Often during the holidays Odeon only charge adults for a child’s ticket price during their Kids Club screenings.
Making it a slightly more affordable option. Visit

I hope this helps to inspire some of you during this rather wet and rainy summer holiday.  Remember one day at a time and take it easy!

Kat xx

P.S. I’m sure the kids will also enjoy jumping in puddles…

Kat Heath
Kat Heath is a qualified beauty therapist and a mum of two boys, Harry and Elliott.

Kat also has been a marketing ambassador and blogger for many on-line mummy sites as well as working as a therapist for Decleor, Clarins and Guinot within Selfridges, Peter Jones and John Lewis.

Her passions are fashion, interiors, wellbeing and food!

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