Posted by Francesca De Franco on 29 Sep 2020

Like so many other things, Halloween is going to be rather different this year due to Covid. However, there’s still plenty of fun to be had even if trick or treating is off the agenda.

Here are a few ideas to make sure you have a spooktacular time.

Get those pumpkins at the ready

First things first, get yourself a pumpkin (or two or three)! Asda is selling large carving pumpkins for a very reasonable £1.50 each, but you could make a family event of it, get rugged up and go pick your own at Garsons PYO farm in Esher. 

Pumpkin carving


A traditional Halloween activity that is best done in the comfort of your own home. You can use the utensils you already have in your kitchen, but I can highly recommend getting a pumpkin carving kit to make the process a lot quicker and easier. Here are 45 pumpkin carving ideas to help you get creative plus 37 pumpkin recipes to use up what you’ve scooped out!


Halloween food   

Halloween is a great time to get baking; from spooky Halloween-inspired cakes and biscuits with a popping candy surprise to pumpkin spice scones and Halloween Owl Brownies.

Tesco has come up with some great fiendish and unusual savoury treat suggestions. For more traditional Halloween fare add toffee apples, pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie to your menu.

Halloween drinks

Create your own ‘witches brew bar.’ Here’s some Halloween cocktail inspiration (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Make mine the Caribbean-inspired (aka rum-based) Pumpkin Punch!


Halloween Games



  • Apple bobbing is probably the most well-known Halloween game. Fill a bucket or basin with water and float apples in it then take it in turns to try and remove an apple using only your mouth (hands must be kept behind backs!).


  • Snap Apple – use string to hang apples off a tree, clothesline, banister etc. Each person is blindfolded and attempts to take a bite out of their apple. The first one to get a decent bite wins. If apples prove too tricky hang donuts instead!


  • Set up a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt.


  • Pin the spider on the web – a spooky twist on traditional pin the tail on the donkey. You can make your own, but there are plenty of shops that sell them.


  • The flour game – NB this is messy! Pack flour tightly into a bowl then turn out this dome onto a plate or chopping board and remove the bowl. Put a sweet on the top. Using a knife, take it in turns to cut a slice of the ‘flour cake’. The person that eventually makes the dome collapse has to retrieve the sweet using just their teeth… cue ghostly white face!

Halloween Torchlight Hunt

Why should hunts for sweets and chocolates just be reserved for Easter? This year we’ll be laying a Halloween hunt in the garden (or house if the weather is bad) for the kids to complete by torchlight. They can collect their loot in their usual Halloween trick or treat bags and buckets.

Halloween films

Cosy on down with your sweets, toffee apples and other Halloween treats and enjoy a film together. Here is a great list of the 40 best Halloween movies that are family friendly and which won’t give the kids nightmares!

I’m adding Coco to this list. It’s not a Halloween movie per se but it’s a great film and features lots of skeletons!


Face painting and dressing up


You can still get creative with the dressing up box and face paint and make-up even if you’re staying at home. My daughter made fantastic fake wounds last year using talc and Vaseline, and used flour, corn syrup and red food dye to make fake blood. Give it a Google to find out lots of tips and tricks.

Halloween crafts

From bat garland decorations and lantern-making to frightening face masks and Halloween wreaths, there are almost unlimited Halloween crafts. Baker Ross provides plenty of inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas. My daughters are customising and filling Halloween-themed party bags for their friends to give out in lieu of trick or treating together.

For more Halloween ideas, head over to local Facebook group Halloween – Just Treats.

All that’s left to do is crank up the scary tunes. Have a Thriller and stay safe.

Fran xx

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