Posted by Michelle Casey on 24 Oct 2021

Marieke, a Surrey-based mum, brings us Snackzilla.  Marieke noticed a gap in the market for fun healthier snacks for children beyond toddler age. After 3 years of research and development, Snackzilla was born. Oat cookies sweetened naturally with chicory root fibre, these cookies have evolved from Marieke’s grandma’s secret recipe!

My kids were delighted with them as an after-school snack, with the 4 year old rating them 10 out of 10 (she has developed the delightfully precocious habit of rating all her meals and snacks-oh joy!). The 6 year old declared them awesome so they were definitely a hit.

The cookies are soft baked and made with wholegrain oats to (hopefully) keep your little ones full up for longer. They are vegan and palm oil free and come in three delicious flavours: golden syrup, chocolate and raspberry. These tasty treats are naturally sweetened so contain 50% less sugar than your average cookie.

My two also really enjoyed the packaging: bright eye-catching colours emblazoned with a robot, a yeti (I think it’s a yeti anyway!) or a tentacled alien. The packaging also has a fun ‘Would you rather…,’ discussion question. The 6 year old read it himself without complaint- as an avid avoider of reading, this was a beautifully sneaky way to get him to read! And we had a great discussion about if they’d rather tiptoe over sleeping crocodiles or sleeping tigers.

Snackzilla works with a number of charities to support tackling childhood obesity, and for every carton of cookies sold they will donate a cookie to charity Give.Help.Share.

The cookies are available in 70 Sainsbury’s stores including Epsom and Cheam in the Taste of the Future section.

A box of 4 cookies costs £2.50. Marieke has until the end of the year to prove that this delicious healthy snack is a success, and we wish her every success.



Michelle Casey
Michelle is a newcomer to the borough (since summer 2019) and lives in West Ewell with her husband and two children. She is a part-time primary school teacher and works in various schools in the area. When not teaching, writing, walking or attempting yoga, she is likely to be found at a playground or soft play with her littlies-preferably one that serves good coffee…

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